Christmas day!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Right on Christmas, my cousin came back here in Penang to celebrate with me and shop a lil bit for CNY :)
We didn't do much, but I was strolling around 1st avenue and prangin thinking what to get stupid for his Christmas/Ann pressie~
Than we head to gurney, and found his pressie~
After done planning the pressie, that person asked me to wait for 3days than only I can collect the damn thing,
So yaa~ that present was obviously given later on ><
Seriously did nothing much in gurney, but took pics with "the globe"
U have to actually spend 500 bucks just to get into "the globe" how hilarious ><
I just took outside of it haha :D

If u guys followed my blog earlier, u would realize that I never, and I mean NEVER wear green color,
Or at lease mention the color "green"..
Because I really hate green color, I think It look hideous ><
But, my cousin sis, Rachel, she gave me this green dress like half a year ago,
And I can't find any occasion to wear it ><
So I wore it for Christmas instead haha~ like Christmas tree right?
I should wear more accessories than I look more like Christmas tree ! :D
I even change my hair's parting into center parting ==
I feel like its so not me on Christmas day like I hit my head or something,
Wear green, change center parting~ like I'm abit over high or something lol

I'm really starting to love using flash while taking pics :D

that humongous globe outside gurney >< don't mind me, I kow I look hideous in this pic...><

My cousin. ♥

That's pretty much it for my Christmas~ lol I have not much to write about ><

~It's amazing how u take everything so simple and easy..u never thought I'll be upset about it...celebrate after Christmas?
It didn't even happen.


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