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Friday, January 20, 2012

Mother kinda forced me to accompany her to her company's annual dinner/ CNY celebration kind of dinner, at first i wasnt exactly very "KEEN" on going because that place obviously gonna be full of adults, and lame singers acting cool on stage, WHICH I was right about. the situation and environment there was exactly the way I imagined it would be..-.-
even though i didn't wanna be there but I still dress up so I don't embarrass my mother..so i didn't dres up too bimbotic as usual, just incase mother's collegue start criticquing me.
and before that i cut my hair, like really short...
for the firdst time, I didn't regret cutting my freaking long hair into this short,
but its not exactly "short short" but its above my chest and my previous hair length was around my waist.
so as u can se, I'm dressed for the occasion ;)

I know I'm crazy, I blinged up my camera's flash light ><
But now i striped all of it off dy, coz they annnoy my eye sight after sometime..haha!

I know, I'm 17 already, still act cute abit wrong..
BUT I can dream can I? :P

I'm luving the new tragus earring mommy got me!
sooooo shiny yet, attention seeking~ so its definately my thing..
go on and say I'm vain, but i don't give no shit, this is my blog for me to self praise, so if u don't like what I'm saying..GO AWAY.

Me and my mother ♥

When I reached there, my prediction was actually right,
lame young singers that didn't got signed for singing companies act chio on stage,
dancing to nobody, and all the old hokkien songs, not to mention, CNY songs~
And i met my god daddy there, before the dinner started, he's already drunk ><
my mother's friend Kitty, also got drunk, she knows she can't drink, but she still drink as much, and in the end, she couldn't even walk! she was sooooo drunk, she keep falling down onto the floor for no reasons.
i sat there the whole night, annoying my ex, and tweeting~
there were even lucky draws, but we got a big hamper to my displessure.
once i reached home, straight to bed! boredom rly stressed me out too ==
Picture of the night!

On the second day, planned to chill with loves for my belated birthday,
but things did not go well, I was pretty happy to meet them all at first,
but all of them were jst moody for reasons that I don't know,
and I found out some historical things which I didn't even know till now..
and I also found out that from now onwards, no one is going to cut my chicken for me dy...:(
usually my ex would cut nandos or kenny rogers chicken for me and if you guys know me personally, you would know that I LOVEEEE eating nandos..
I have it all the time, and now..?
I think I might face some problems eating it..haha!
too rely on ppl to cut my chicken for me and feed me :(
have to learn dy lor..HAHAHA :D
during that night, i saw Jack Teng helping Cheryl cut her nandos chicken so I asked him to cut for me aswell..HAHA! so chun, got some1 can helop me cut..now i know who to jio out when I'm craving for chicken :P

ever since that night, I know everything between us completely ended.
Oh well, follow the flow, if its mine it'll come back to me, if it isn't mine, force it to stay oso no use.
Happy go lucky :)
Oh and btw, i'm in KL now, came here for CNY since my daddy's in Beijing,
Me and mommy decided to come here and celebrate CNY with my aunts and cousins instead :)
will update about it soon when I had collected all the pics I got :)


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