New years eve.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

There aren't a lot of photos taken coz we were busy partying.
And shit happened that changed my whole entire life.
I don't really have the mood to like talk about it so yaa
Just look at the pics lar :)
Went to the beach with babes~
We all felt not rly comfortable wearing swimsuits...
A lot of dirty man hit on us :/
Regretted >< but stil, we're hot!

my darling Cheryl ♥

babes trying to braid ah boon's hair, he keep calling them "paria" for doing that hahahaha

Love those pink bottled drinks! It taste goooood ♥

My favorite pic of the day ♥
And also my current profile picture in black and white~ suits my emo-ness now

I swear I never would have thought I would go so far..
Guess I was wrong about myself..and u.


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