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Monday, January 9, 2012

Birthday's around the corner, and yet, I'm let down these few days.
Why does this things tend to happen to me every year on my birthday? Fuck that.
Afew of my closer school mates are being really sweet, they acc me to kinda celebrate it with me~
There are suppose to be like more people but they don't have transport and some were busy tuitioning and shit, so left us 4~
All dolled up like Minnie mouse with that big bow I got from Sephora ;) luvin it!
Wei Wei and Yvonne~ my pretty girlsss ♥
we vained like a lot in redbox with my camera! And from this some one that I know, they said that gaining in rebox is considered as "lala" I don't get it like seriously,I thought usually people don't categories where lala take pictures from, And it's mostly how they dress up, and the way they take pictures and edit pictures. And no offense, have u seen yourself dressed up? U don't think that's lala? for me I dun think it 100% is but at lease got 40% ;) I won't say I'm not 1 as well, it's really up to you people to think that wether I'm a lala or not. Because I'm Chinese and I think Chinese is easier to become lala hahaha :D Tis is me and my big ribbon!
Pink background, me likey..;)
Long long skirt :)
I was drinking iced lemon tea and Yvonne just randomly captured it..not bad huh? Haha :D
This is sooo Lara's pose! Hahaha the mustache !
Me watching the very sad mv by 李佳微~煎熬I feel like the girl in the video, being all depress coz she got dumped by a ruthless guy..;(And I was watching the video like soooo seriously.
They asked me wether I know that Chinese song and I gave them this face ":o?"
Gaik theng~ the tomboy from my class! Trying to act cool but so not! Hahaha :p

Gaiktheng, Yvonne and mwa♥ I look fat..pls don't mind that.

Wei Wei and yvonne♥

Wei Wei :)

siao po♥

all of us :)

I love this pic coz I look goooood :)

Act su boon ;)

U likey my BIG eye? :D

Luvin the earring mommy got for my tragus piercing! Thank youuuu mother ♥

Vain EVEN MORE when we go back

kisses for all u lovely readers!

Me, the owner of this blog ;)

Appreciated how my darlings tried to cheer me up recently,
I really hope to see them this weekend so it'll at lease make my birthday a lot more happier ♥
I know I screwed up everything, and I feel horrible for that,
Knowing that nothing would cure the hole for us still hurts, but it's the reality already.
I should face the fact that nothing would fix this so just try to move on..
I believe that if it's mine, no matter how hard we try to tear each other apart, it will still come back to me 1 day,
Like a magnet u know? haha.


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