Babe Shilyne's birthday dinner ♥

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

If u followed my blog earlier, you guys would know that my recent blog post are about people's birthday celebrations
Same goes to this post as well :)
I guess many people that i know were born in the month of february :)
So this one is about babe Shilyne's birthday!
Actually I wasn't suppose to attend because my exams were really near but persuaded my mom that it's gonna be just a dinner and c'mon, it's Shilyne's birthday, the girl that has been there for me like...ALWAYS! I have to be there :)
Plus, she's my twin, how could I miss my twin's birthday dinner?
meet my twin, Shilyne [aka the birthday girl] ♥
I made Darl C to go with me because I'm afraid that I know nobody there and would end up awkward, And thank god she could make it haha! Rachel was there aswell! :) Both hotties♥
Cam whored like crazy, but trust me, this is just the beginning of the night >< Too bad Darl Wei couldn't join us :( it could've been more fun if she's around ;(
With the birthday girl! *i tiptoed in this pic so I look as tall as her* :p
She's 2 years younger than me! Whaaaiiii whaiiii am I so short?? ><
Gorgeous Rachel! ♥♥♥
Pretty Lydia and Asther were there aswell :) I think this is the only pic I took with them besides the group picture ><
Lovelies ♥
nawww the couple ;)
Will I celebrate my birthday like this next year? Will I be this happy?
I hope so ;)
U know I never really celebrate my birthday every year :/ well I did celebrate with babe Lara and Melia, they are really sweethearts! They even baked me birthday muffins! I miss them :( This year? Bullshit. I didn't even celebrate it nicely with my friends, but thanks to Von, weiwei, gt, Shilyne, darl Wei & darl c, they really made my day from worse to better...thank god they were there for me, appreciate it deeply♥♥♥
Babe Shilyne's birthday cake ♥ So prettyyyyy!
the cake her Boyf made her! D: so sweet right???Happy for her that she's got such a good guy with her ♥
Group picture!
Yes, I know I'm the shortest because I forgotten to tiptoe ><

camwhoring girls ;)

Before leaving Ferringhi garden :)

Once we reach park royal hotel, our magoon fox eh kuan all come out dy ;)
Vain vain vain!

whai are u so pretty darl c?
And pls stop complaining that you are tanned and ugly, we all agree that Cheryl's hot! ♥

Gahhh D:

Rachel joined us after awhile :)
She is HOT AND DANGEROUS! :D hahaha ♥♥♥

Darl c going crazy with my necklace hahaha :D

I love darl c's expression here! Cuteeeee max! ♥

Hellooooo :)

Why am I so short? Gahh... Fuck it, I'm cute this way ;)


Texting B all night :)

I'm sitting for my monthly test tomorrow, and I'm blogging this late night not because I don't care about my grades...because I've been studying since morning and I'm exhausted, pfft. Gimme a break. Like seriously, it's not like studying all day today would put me anywhere near Lynn's results so I'm just aiming for an average result :p
Anyways, like what Von said, it's just a monthly test...wouldn't really affect anything~ *i hope*
Still feel abit nervous though~
3 days...just 3 days and this test will be over :)
Already planning my schedule to Kl, Thailand & Phuket for the upcoming months with family :p
I don't seem like a SPM form 5 student do I? This year facing the important exam but still travel here and there like nobody's business ><
Not really my fault because mother planned all this :D
Can't wait till daddy's back in a few months time! I miss the hell outta him :(
Wish me luck for my so called "short test" tomorrow! ♥


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