Danny's birthday! ♥

Friday, February 17, 2012

After leaving peng hwa private for a year plus,
I never rly meet up with my old friends and school mates at all :/
Suddenly 1 day, Annie [ aka yy ] was soooo random, she posted on my wall saying she dreamt of me, I was on the 3rd floor of peng hwa private and I was stuck inside, so she rescued me -.- dafuq? Hahaha!
I miss hanging out with Annie, Agnes, amber, jeslyn, maomao,Pendy, vesper and u know just the whole gang of "4s"
I still remembered I used to go over to the twin's house almost every week just to go over to fresh beat for training or something :)
my main point is, I get to meet them again after such a long time!
Annie invited me to the birthday celebration of my ex- computer teacher [ aka danny ] :)
Not all of them were there though, but I still had a good time catching up with em ;)
Than again, B accompanied me there ♥
Meet my all time love! Amber ♥♥♥

this girl has been there for me, through my ups and downs, till now, she still does ♥

Danny's dinner~

B, amber and maomao ordered this :)

Me, pendy and Annie had this ;)

With pendy and annie! They're outlook changed quite a lot ><

Annie's still the same old her, blur & cute, the 1 that always talks a lot but got ignored by everyone :D
Amber is soooooo cute! ♥

Vain ;)

with the birthday boy/man! :)

group photo ;)

photo of the day ♥

Hope I get to meet up with them real soon :)
It felt just like old times again haha :D
after meeting up with friends, B brought me to seawind to chill~
it was nice To sit there and relax with the sea wind...
Although we didn't stay there for very long, but it's better than nothing right? Haha!
Thanks for everything u've done for me love, deeply appreciated ♥


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