Darlings birthday ♥

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I know I know..I left my blog deadly since a very very long time~
Because I've been rushing with homeworkers lately and many things to do..so ya~
Having exams next week which is also driving me nuts ><
This was a rly rly long time ago,
went over to bora bora to celebrate my darling's birthday, guess who?
Mindee, Reid & janelle! 3 of them have the same birthday!
Awesome or what?
I didn't camwhore myself bcoz I didn't bothered to haha ><
B went with me too, but we didn't camwhore aswell~ paiseh mar...haha ♥
The only pics that I have are the ones darling C and I vained like mad :p

Darl C, whaiiii u sooo pretty? ♥

vain vain vain!
It's blur but, I loveee the lightings at the back ;)

It was a fun night out, I wouldn't say it's the best, but it isn't sooo bad~
A lil bit of issue at the beginning but everything was cool after than :)


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