Last day of KL.

Friday, February 3, 2012

I spent roughly 10 days in KL for CNY, and I had a great time here spending my time celebrating CNY with family, although my daddy's not in Malaysia to celebrate with us this year, but we still skype everyday as usual, so it feels like he's just with us here.
I've told my mother once, that I would wanna meet a guy like my dad,
And I believe that only a guy that is as awesome as my dad can give me happiness.
I mean, look, he'd been in china since last year's June and he skype my mom EVERY SINGLE DAY, if he's busy he would text my mother and inform her that he couldn't go online.
At some point, I felt really glad that I have a dad like that, and I would want my future husband to be as loyal as well. ♥
Back to my topic,
On the last day of me and mommy in KL,
It was the night before "BAI TI GONG" it's a Chinese traditional praying ceremony thing...*i think*
Okay lar, I don't exactly know how to explain it.
I was living in klang, and it's like penang there!
Actually somehow worse, there were fireworks everywhere!
Soooo amazing, it's even more than the first day of CNY
And I managed to snap a few isn't as nice as the pic the last time though.

I accidentally snapped a photo like this again :)
Similar to my favourite 1 in the last post ♥

Standing outside with all the fireworks going on made my hair smells like smoke,
So I ran into the room I was living in to rest.
And received a video of fireworks from someone,
Sweeeeeeet ttm! Thanks for being there for me when I needed it ;) x
And I actually emo abit coz I saw something I shouldn't,
Than you cheer me up by sending me a short audio of you~ it really made my day ♥
*you know who you are*

I didn't exactly vain a lot in kl, so here are some of the pictures~
Oh and I reduce on my make up so much, even my mom asked me why,
Because I think that my skin condition is actually improving ALOT compared to the last time,
So I used to need a lot of thick make up to cover my flaws, now I hardly have any so I cut down on them :)
I think I'll do a short review on my skin care routine soon :)
I was requested to make video tutorials for my make up and stuff but I'm gonna need some time on that coz I don't really dare to talk in front of a camera...haha!! Dance definitely dare, talk...not YET. I'll do it in a month time with my cousin :)


My favourite pic of all ♥

And before I finish writing this blog post, I wanna thank Bianca Gerardino for supporting me so much :)
Very touched by the MSG u sent to me! will keep on writing x



  1. omg. thank you lovely <3 how nice of you to mention me in your blog. awwhhh <3 that made my day! try to visit mine if you have the time. it's not quite interesting as yours tho. hihi. i'm always updated and will keep on supporting you :) <3

  2. Awww seriously I'm touched haha! <3
    I'll visit urs and link it :)

  3. awwhhh. thankyou so much :) ~ will feature you in my blog too. that's a pretty dope idea :))) <3