Mommy's birthday♥♥♥

Friday, February 24, 2012

It's mommy's birthday on the 20th!
I know my last posts were about friend's birthday too, this month is rly full with people's birthday~
I still owe Von's birthday present >< haha! I feel so bad my god, I rly don't know what to get her.
Since mommy's birthday is here's soon,
So we decided to go celebrate a little bit even if daddy's not around :p
I suggested to have dinner in "Fullhouse", mainly coz I've never been there,
Secondly, I heard the decorations there are really nice and the environment is really comfortable as well.
I heard great reviews about that place so decided to go for a try :)
Look! The menu looks like a freaking magazine ><

The mango smoothie I ordered, I swear to god I'm never gonna order this again ><
It taste so sweet and lemak and disgusting !

Mommy's drink aint so bad :)

Random shot of my phone :)
Check out the golden crystal screen protector I just got ;)

Mom's really cute, no joke ><
She's addicted to this game call "slotomania" it's so stupid, it's actually 1 of the Facebook games,
And she never stop playing it! Haha

Black pepper chicken for momma's dinner :)

Honestly, I couldn't lie, the food isn't that good..but I give them credit for the decorations though haha :)

vain around with furnitures there hHa lol.

picture with birthday momma ♥♥♥

This is pretty much the end of mom's birthday :)
I've always thought I'm alone on my own every year, and when I finally got hope for not being alone on my birthday or valentines, some fucking cunt would ruin it, I'm not even joking! It's not the first time already. This is why I'm so pissed.
Anyways, I was wrong about being alone,
I assumed that since I was on my own during my 17th birthday, i would most probably be alone on valentines day since it's so close.
Than again, I was wrong.
And did I mentioned that I've never in my life celebrate my valentines with anyone?
I know, people will say shitty things like "Jxhia dates a lot" "she goes out alot" but it's true that me, Wong Jie Xhia,
But this year was an exception, I went on a valentines date.
Not on the exact date, but a pre-valentines dinner~
Meet up with unexpected people...which made me stress to the max.
Went to movies, walk around straits quay~
Dinner in Delicious~
It felt nice to have some1 accompany u on a special date that u had never celebrate before ♥


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