Late updates on holidays.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The 1 week holiday that I wasn't really looking forward on ain't that bad actually~
I thought that you know, since its my last year in high school, mother would probably push me to study during holidays, banned me from all the parties and dinners and trips..
but unexpectedly no :o
I've been going out EVERYDAY with love~
so basically I'm lazy to write about every single day in seperate posts so this is gonna be like a junk post which i dump all 7 day's holidays in 1 post.

I took my 1st practical driving lessons already! and it was actually quite fun :)
the uncle that taught me seemed to be a little bit annoyed when he know that I've never drive before so he got abit impatient but other than that everything was fine~ he said i learn pretty fast :D haha

yinching and i :)

and the other day, went over to library with love to celebrate his cousin's birthday~
met mindee, hannah, janelle, & hannah coincidentally there :)

and than hang out abit with Darling Von :)
it was funny, we went to gurney, and i dressed up abit "not so cincai" if u know what i mean, because gotta have lunch with love's family..and when I fetch Von, i got pretty shocked coz her make up is so seriously thick!
so after having lunch with love and his family, went over to gurney to meet Von and we went to popular coz his brother asked her to get something.
so i was thinking that i should get some books since its my exam year, so me, von and love went over to the "SPM section", love joked with me saying later people might mistaken me as a mother to get books for my kid coz i looked mature, in another word, OLD. but I didn't really take it seriously. after a while, I didn't notice that i was blocking a guy's way, he's probably my age because he was in the same section aswell, but u know what he said to me and Von? [ probably only me...zz I'M NOT SURE ]
he was like :" Excuse me aunty. "
and he wasn't joking man! he just walked pass us == stupid botak boy.
he didn't realized that we're the same age, just that i look abiiiiit more mature and he looks like a lost boy looking for his mom ==

watched movie~
sorryyyy, i broke ur glasses >< that time

and than went over to KL :)
shopped till i drop!

had the best steamboat with lovely cousins! :)

and than she helped to take some new photos~ :)
just for fun~

Photo of the day :)

my next post will be about my school's canteen day :)
sneek peak on the crazy photo we took~ :D


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  1. So beautiful...n yet cute. Sure take my breath away!!!