SPM seminar

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A few weeks ago, the SSA person, aka seminar Skor A person, came to promote their seminar in our school,
And through their short talk, I find their tip kind of useful,
So me and Jeanteen actually planned to attend this so called seminar together.
Slept at 2 in the morning, woke up at 6am -.-
Flew all the way to jeanteen's house in queens bay area so that we could go together~
After reaching usm, we got lost LOL.
thank god Pricillia was there to help us and fetch us to the right hall ><
meet my cute little buddy Jeanteen! Aka feizai ;)

Please do ignore my glasses nerdy ugly look as I was kinda in the "study mode" so yea~ ><

group picture with school mates in seminar hall :)

After a 10 hours seminar, I followed Jeanteen back to her house to wait for my mother to fetch meee~
In her room :)

that's pretty much all for the seminar, too bad Von wasn't there :( sad max.
Baby M had been busy with his assignments this week so I think I won't get to meet him so soon :(
Oh well worse come to worse I might have to wait till next week than :) imy soooooooo much! *you know who you are :)*
Really exhausted from school work and stuff....going to get some rest and recharge my body ><
Goodnight readers♥


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