Disasterous day.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Since its a public holiday on a weekday, everybody had been planning where to hang out, what movie to watch where to have dessert,
And as for the nerds, STUDY. *i think*
Didn't planned anything on that day but Yvonne Yeoh texted me asking me to go gurney to watch movie with her and Michelle (jiaqi)
So okay, once I reach gurney drive, man it was freaking jam! I've never really seen gurney this jam in these few years haha ><
When I reach the inside of gurney, I called my girls asking where to meet, and they said in front of MAC, so I walked there alone to meet up with them~
I saw a bunch of hot girls wearing 4-5 inch high heels all in short body con dresses, with dark makeup and lashes~
1 of them walked to me and smiled, at that very moment I was surrounded by all of them I felt like a dwarf surrounded by giants.
Amazingly, all of my friends wore heels and I wore the flattest flat I own ><
Hahaha funniest thing happened this month!
Mad love all of them ♥♥♥

my Aunty Von ♥♥♥

camwhore like maddddddd ♥

After jiaqi and weiwei left, me, ah jia, yvonne & 1 of our senior went to meet fresh to have desert,
When I was having my desert I suddenly felt dizzy..thinking yvonne was shaking her legs like she always does in bio class, I ask her to stop shaking them and she said that she didn't, and she just stared at me and said "omg I think it's earthquake"
3 of us in 5inches heels ran out of gurney like mad woman haha ><

This is random, my dinner for the night hahah :D
Honey oat chicken from harvest in cafe ;)

Center stage ♥

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Come to think of it, i kinda stopped performing for a very long time..
The last time was last year's 观摩赛 and that's it, ever since then, I never train at all ><
So I guess it's better i start it again in case I grow fat in this period of time like the last time! Haha I got so chubby, I got mocked by a few friends HAHA ><
So my first performance for this year, would definitely be the 1 Chialynn begged me top join,
MBS camp~ it's not exactly a performance, it's more like a competition against other schools, but I couldn't really be bothered to put my whole heart in it coz it's not a real competition aswell haha :D
In girl guides uniform ;)
Trying to look cute with my messy updo~ hahaha

Me and Lynn before makeup ;)

Lynn after make-up :) super prettyyyy and mad love the tattoo she attached on her face ♥
I washed off make up bcoz I look terrible with it ><

performed to the song, goodbye baby, cry cry, and the boys~
Learned these in 3 days which is really stressful, but the outcome was okay I guess.
Well, when we're in a rush and don't know what to perform, the best preparation is to perform kpop dances,
Coz all you need to do is watch the video, copy the dance and cut the song haha~ so it's kinda considered as the easiest way.
And unexpectedly, we got best performances :D happy max!

CDK guides dancers ;)
Who da bomb..? WE ARE! ;) x

Okay so apart from performing to modern kpop dances, I also performed to the dance where I first started, traditional dance.
A few Thailand interviews came of top Penang and decided to visit our school,
So in order to let them "have a good impression" our headmistress wants us to perform and entertain them while they arrive.
I know, I look stupid with the glow in the dark head thing,
And the stupid yellow outfit. But this is what traditional outfit looks like...zz

helping my junior put on the head sets~

MAD LOVE my make up in that day ;)


CDK canteen day~

Thursday, April 5, 2012

For 3 years, peng hwa private had been organizing a canteen and for once I thought that since I changed to CDK, there won't be any Canteen preparation to be done and you know all the cookings and shits...
But who knows?? They held 1 -.-
So I suggested to sell ice blended since it was the best selling product back in peng hwa private~
Looookkk it's miss Wong blending ice :D
Me, Von and Ying Ching was so busy we didn't get to rest :/

Weilin :)

Wei weiiii :)

Ah jiaaa :)

pei Er :)))

Feizai! ♥♥♥

Darl vonnnnnn ♥♥♥

Group pic!!

epic photos of me, Jeanteen, Pekhim, Lichin and Kim ;)


Darl C's birthday ♥

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

After everybody's birthday, it's finally darl c's big day :)
Celebrated twice with her~
The first time was only us girls in redbox singing, nothing much~
I dressed up pretty "kinky" that day according to Mindee haha :D
Loving the green blazer that I just got which according to my boyf, he calls me Aunty when I wear that -.-
and also loving the super cute skirt that was present by my cousin.

We look hot or what?! ♥♥

Meet my darl c, aka the birthday girl :)

Camwhoreeeeeee ♥

I love this pic ♥♥♥

In case you're working why is she wearing a different dress, coz this was taken during the 2nd celebration with jun whey and kongyik them~
Haha she's hot as Megan fox! :p

Shilyne twin, me and birthday girl! ♥♥♥
Jimuis ;)

darling weiiiii ♥♥

Shilyne Twinnie ♥

randomly met feizai in gurney that day too! :) she's sooooo adorable ♥♥

hand drew by darl c, love letter from Twinnie Shilyne ♥ feel so loved ♥♥♥ thanks babiessss

Did nothing much just hanging with friends during Cheryl's birthday celebration..
So nothing much to write about aswell :D
Anyways, we tried to make it as special and memorable as possible for your sweet 16 babe!
Hopefully you enjoyed it ;) love you max ♥♥♥