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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Come to think of it, i kinda stopped performing for a very long time..
The last time was last year's 观摩赛 and that's it, ever since then, I never train at all ><
So I guess it's better i start it again in case I grow fat in this period of time like the last time! Haha I got so chubby, I got mocked by a few friends HAHA ><
So my first performance for this year, would definitely be the 1 Chialynn begged me top join,
MBS camp~ it's not exactly a performance, it's more like a competition against other schools, but I couldn't really be bothered to put my whole heart in it coz it's not a real competition aswell haha :D
In girl guides uniform ;)
Trying to look cute with my messy updo~ hahaha

Me and Lynn before makeup ;)

Lynn after make-up :) super prettyyyy and mad love the tattoo she attached on her face ♥
I washed off make up bcoz I look terrible with it ><

performed to the song, goodbye baby, cry cry, and the boys~
Learned these in 3 days which is really stressful, but the outcome was okay I guess.
Well, when we're in a rush and don't know what to perform, the best preparation is to perform kpop dances,
Coz all you need to do is watch the video, copy the dance and cut the song haha~ so it's kinda considered as the easiest way.
And unexpectedly, we got best performances :D happy max!

CDK guides dancers ;)
Who da bomb..? WE ARE! ;) x

Okay so apart from performing to modern kpop dances, I also performed to the dance where I first started, traditional dance.
A few Thailand interviews came of top Penang and decided to visit our school,
So in order to let them "have a good impression" our headmistress wants us to perform and entertain them while they arrive.
I know, I look stupid with the glow in the dark head thing,
And the stupid yellow outfit. But this is what traditional outfit looks like...zz

helping my junior put on the head sets~

MAD LOVE my make up in that day ;)


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