Darl C's birthday ♥

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

After everybody's birthday, it's finally darl c's big day :)
Celebrated twice with her~
The first time was only us girls in redbox singing, nothing much~
I dressed up pretty "kinky" that day according to Mindee haha :D
Loving the green blazer that I just got which according to my boyf, he calls me Aunty when I wear that -.-
and also loving the super cute skirt that was present by my cousin.

We look hot or what?! ♥♥

Meet my darl c, aka the birthday girl :)

Camwhoreeeeeee ♥

I love this pic ♥♥♥

In case you're working why is she wearing a different dress, coz this was taken during the 2nd celebration with jun whey and kongyik them~
Haha she's hot as Megan fox! :p

Shilyne twin, me and birthday girl! ♥♥♥
Jimuis ;)

darling weiiiii ♥♥

Shilyne Twinnie ♥

randomly met feizai in gurney that day too! :) she's sooooo adorable ♥♥

hand drew by darl c, love letter from Twinnie Shilyne ♥ feel so loved ♥♥♥ thanks babiessss

Did nothing much just hanging with friends during Cheryl's birthday celebration..
So nothing much to write about aswell :D
Anyways, we tried to make it as special and memorable as possible for your sweet 16 babe!
Hopefully you enjoyed it ;) love you max ♥♥♥


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