Disasterous day.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Since its a public holiday on a weekday, everybody had been planning where to hang out, what movie to watch where to have dessert,
And as for the nerds, STUDY. *i think*
Didn't planned anything on that day but Yvonne Yeoh texted me asking me to go gurney to watch movie with her and Michelle (jiaqi)
So okay, once I reach gurney drive, man it was freaking jam! I've never really seen gurney this jam in these few years haha ><
When I reach the inside of gurney, I called my girls asking where to meet, and they said in front of MAC, so I walked there alone to meet up with them~
I saw a bunch of hot girls wearing 4-5 inch high heels all in short body con dresses, with dark makeup and lashes~
1 of them walked to me and smiled, at that very moment I was surrounded by all of them I felt like a dwarf surrounded by giants.
Amazingly, all of my friends wore heels and I wore the flattest flat I own ><
Hahaha funniest thing happened this month!
Mad love all of them ♥♥♥

my Aunty Von ♥♥♥

camwhore like maddddddd ♥

After jiaqi and weiwei left, me, ah jia, yvonne & 1 of our senior went to meet fresh to have desert,
When I was having my desert I suddenly felt dizzy..thinking yvonne was shaking her legs like she always does in bio class, I ask her to stop shaking them and she said that she didn't, and she just stared at me and said "omg I think it's earthquake"
3 of us in 5inches heels ran out of gurney like mad woman haha ><

This is random, my dinner for the night hahah :D
Honey oat chicken from harvest in cafe ;)

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