Thailand trip Part II ♥

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Okay so my wifi had been really good to me these 2 days,
allowing me to download and upload all the photos for the wedding night session,
so as promised,
I'm gonna blog about the night session and there will be tons of pictures uploaded here~
in fact I captured too many pictures that I decided not to upload all of them here,
just a few nicer ones that were selected.
I know I'm not that professional in capturing photos, still in the learning process,
but these are really the ones that I think looks best,
because there were like roughly 20-30 people surrounding the wedding couple,
with normal phones, iphones, compact cameras, dslr~ any type of cameras you can think of,
they were all pushing each other to capture the best angle and I tried my best to get my best aswell~
so here it is!
don't mock my photography please,
its really not that easy to take nice pics with people pushing you ><
so the night session dinner was held in a 5 star hotel,
that was 1 hour distance away from the hotel that me and my family stayed in.
and before going there, everybody was just so excited,
all getting ready, all dolled up,
and as for me, I was doing the same too~
I curled my hair for the night and accidentally burnt my left ear -.-
smart ey? first time curling my hair with a curling thong.
and I wore kitty ears for the night :)
we weren't allow to wear black because, according to Thai culture people should not wear black to weddings.
so they set their theme-pink, green & white.
I wore a light pink off shoulder dress
outfit for the night-->

Once we got to the outside of the hotel ballroom,
we were all asked to sign and write some blessings in the books below~
seeee so cute, they even have their wedding photos on the box for red packets!
and check out the floral pen~ soooo adorable ♥

and after we're done writing,
they will give us 1 of those tiny boxes as a souvenir,
those are actually cute little bag hangers with like fake diamonds on it~
they even ordered the pretty boxes just to fit the tiny bag hangers, and they fit EXACTLY.

tadaaaa~ the wedding couple!
i'm in love with her wedding gown ♥

in front of the ballroom,
they set 3 fake backdrops for guests to take photos,
and in these backdrops, they printed all their wedding photos and kind of put there as displays~
this is 1 of the backdrops,

I had fun taking vain photos :D

the chair is sooooo adorable !!! ♥

seee their photos ♥

candid of me in another backdrop looking at their photos~

they even hired a violin player to play outside of the ballroom D:

me and mommy taking pics with the wedding couple ♥

right after taking that photo with them, we were asked to go to this LCD touched screen monitor next to it to sign our names on it and type in our emails so that they can send that picture to us~
amazing or what!

her dress is seriously so beautiful!

you guys would never believed how they entered the ball room,
I didn't see this coming aswell,
here take a look!
my cousin's car freaking came up from the bottom of the floor D:
such a fresh way for a wedding entrance!

pouring champagne drinks~

cutting the wedding cake~

drinking the champagne~

Me and my cousin sister were asked out to snatch the bouquet of flower when the bride throws it,
because we're both still unmarried,
but both of us failed to grab it because there were 2 fat ladies standing next to us,
they pushed us away HAHA. nolar, just joking,
maybe my time isn't here yet.
duhh..obviously! I'm 17, I don't wanna get married at this age~

my cousin was playing with my camera and whenever he shines the orange light at me I smiled at the camera,
he said that I'm FREAKING SENSITIVE whenever there's a camera, so attention seeking :P LOL true also.


my pretty cousin Vanessa :)
I look like i'm 10 years older than her ><

with another cousin, Elaine :)
already a mother! haha

2 random Thai pretty girls I met!

I love this photo so much!
I meant the wedding photo~ its so sweeet ♥


Mommyyy :)


I remember when i was young,
I attended my another cousin's wedding in Bali, Indonesia.
that was by far the most grand wedding I've ever been to, until this thailand 1 came up.
I remembered that there was a triangular shaped church, on water,
and that church is made of glass,
so sooo classy~

and the dinner was held at the seaside,
there were fireworks,
there was a dance floor,
I dragged my parents to the dance floor and it was my FIRST TIME seeing my parents dancing together.
it was such a great memory!

I wonder how would my wedding be like next time?
will I even have a wedding?
will I stay lonely forever?
Or will I live happily ever after like fairy tales?
fairy tales don't exist.
but will it be like the reality? like these 2 marriage??
so many questions not answered at this time,
I hope when i'm almost 30,
I'll get the answers by than ;)

♥♥♥ ... Jxhia

Thailand trip~

Monday, May 21, 2012

I think alot of you don't know that I have a Thai cousin. yes, he's half Thai, half chinese, and he's my mom's brother's son, so he's considered from my mother's side of family.
we've been waiting for him and his gf to get married since I guess roughly 3 years ago~
and I think he proposed to her a few years ago but didn't exactly plan a wedding, and they finally set a date for it, helding the wedding in Thailand, Bangkok.
I've never been to Bangkok before, so I think its a good opportunity for me to go and shop there since everybody told me that bangkok is the "shopping heaven" especially for us girls, everything in trend are selling there with very very reasonable price!
despite all the shopping, its also a good opportunity for my mom to gather with her sisters and brothers~ everybody, as in my mother's side of family attended this wedding, and GOD! it was so grand! 1 of the wedding that girls would ever dream of!

okay, so this post is mainly gonna be about the morning session, there are too many pictures, i need to seperate both morning and night session of the wedding~

outfit for the morning session! ♥
Our big big family picture ♥
red red mommy ♥♥♥
the very pretty bride! her outfit reminds all of us of tinker bell! do u agree? haha ♥
According to their Thai culture, they need to pray in the morning, they invited a few monks to their house and pray for quite awhile~
heheee i joined them praying wlong as well ;)
pretty roses and the married couple ♥
pretty pretty bride and her very gorgeous hairdo ♥
Gifts for the bride's family and the bride~
i think this is the engagement ring~
and~~ tadaaaaaatheir wedding ring! so shinny D:
necklace for the bride ♥

cousins camwhoring~
and pls arrr...ignore the sides of my sleeves, the size of the dress is a little too big for me.
haha kelly~ already a mother still so playful :D
and last but not least,
photos of myself with the bouquet of flower ♥
current fb dp ♥

I hope my internet would be good to me so I can update about the night session of this wedding trip soon,
WHICH, is EVEN BETTER THAN THIS. Lots and LOTS of chio stuff that weren't be able to see in Malaysia,
okay maybe yes, will be able to see ONLY IF you're freaking rich, and no where to spend to.
thanks for reading :)
and stay tuned for the up coming posts ♥