Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A month ago, I was invited to go Nueve to celebrate Siak's birthday together with Cheryl, Jun and other friends~
I knowwww..I neglected my blog for a month!
Such an outdated blog~
bcoz was quite busy with other stuff so didn't have time to collect the pics properly ><
I've never been into Nueve before, so i finally get to at lease "see" what its like inside.
 I didn't like it honestly, it stinks like shit, the songs played by the band are majority chinese songs that I hardly know, the toilets are FREAKING SMALL, and the most disappointing part, the basin's tap its like what Cheryl said "raining" its not even like a proper tap ><
and the verdict is, i really didn't like it~
main reason is because of the smoke smell. :/
but sitting on the outside chilling with friends ain't so bad tho.
Look for the night~

Yimin & Cheryl~ my jimuis ♥♥

S♥M♥I♥L♥E an epic picture of me and Darl C~

Another chio pic of me and Darl C ♥MAD LOVE IT

Luckily B accompanied me there ♥
Heheee paparaziiii~

we're really damn sleepy and dizzy dy that time~Thanks to the smoke :/

My nose looks fake here. lol
Picture of the night ♥