Care for another cup of tea?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just another ordinary day hanging with a few girlfriends of mine that I haven't been seeing much lately.
Went over to Mindee's house and GOD, her puppy is sooooooo cuteeeeeeee,
its actually the first dog I actually dare to hug close to me and actually play with it!
oh dear gandhi, you're super super adorable. ♥
Followed Shilyne's car to Straits Quay with Mindee to meet up with ze Cheryl Geh.
Had a wonderful time catching up with them,
not forgetting wonderful foods were served as well.


girls being girls.

Cheryl ♥

Mindee ♥

After our tea session, we headed over to Shilyne's twinnie's place to hang out abit while waiting for my mom.
Helped Cheryl makeover alil bit ;D
it was hell fun helping her make up while her complaining non stop over there :D
here are some vain pictures~ ;)
they are somehow smaller because I uploaded it with my phone

so sleepy after a whole night watching America's next top model
i'm going to take a nap, byeeeee!
sorry bout the ugly face XD

Coffee, Tea, or ME? ♥

Monday, July 23, 2012

It has been awhile since I last spend time with my friends,
some of them are not even in Penang anymore,
most of them moved over to KL for further studies,
and I really miss them :(
like Gemi & Gini, we've been friends for at lease 13 years and we've never really stay apart for this far and this long,
its kinda of a BIG CHANGE for me knowing that she's now 4 hours away from where I am,
it used to be only 10 minutes away. oh well, people do grow up and go on their on pathways.
I believe that we'll still be like the 4 year old Jiexhia, Gemi & Gini that we used to be once we meet again haha :D
Besides that I don't really hang out with the Geh & Wei recently anymore,
I think mainly because I'm spending majority of my time with the boyf,
and well they have their own friends to chill with aswell.

So, since I haven't been catching up with so many friends lately,
I would like to start with my pastel Twinnie~ Shilyne ♥
I jio-ed her out for tea time in winters and we had a wonderful time catching up with each other
credits to Shilyne babe for these pics ♥

Favourite shot from my camera ♥
Shilyne made me crop out her head -.-

see what my twin took hahaha >< so ugly lar when I camwhore XD

getting our make up cleaned up in G hotel's toilet before going up 2nd floor to check out the bags sales :)

#OOTD :)

Had our favourite dessert while waiting for Yimin to come :)

the lightings in meetfresh was UH-MAZING~
so I had really really good time cam whoring with Shilyne babe
don't mind us, we took alot of bimbotic photos ><

after Shilyne left for movies with her mother,
I meet up with Yimin and chit chat alttle about what happened recently,
[ you can call it gossiping in another way XD ]

thats it for the tea time post~ :)
off to bed! night readers ♥
Counting down to the days my love comes back * 4 more days ♥
[ credits to the photographers from Thailand ]


Late updates.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

BIG apologies to you readersssss!
I know i havent been blogging alot lately,
and yet my blog site says 'Shorty blogs ALOT'
I've been caught up with a dance competition and some homeworks lately,
so I really didn't have the mood to blog about it.

For the Sony kpop competition, me and my so called crew "Fusion-X"
got 1st runner up unexpectedly.
my attire got slight problem during the performance, and I did several mistakes that made me felt super down about it.
But thank god it didn't affect the overall performance,
we got really high praise from the judges and we somehow made 1 of them so touched till she cry.
Luvin our outfit this time~
Pure white ♥

my beautiful lynn lynn

vain vain vainnnn!

Photo credits to Hannyo~

and than there was another competition held by DIGI, called SEKOLLAHKU BERBAKAT. my school team won gold medal unexpectedly again talk about crazy the 1 with the leg up high is me~ haha
Happy expression!

thats pretty much it for my post today :)