Care for another cup of tea?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just another ordinary day hanging with a few girlfriends of mine that I haven't been seeing much lately.
Went over to Mindee's house and GOD, her puppy is sooooooo cuteeeeeeee,
its actually the first dog I actually dare to hug close to me and actually play with it!
oh dear gandhi, you're super super adorable. ♥
Followed Shilyne's car to Straits Quay with Mindee to meet up with ze Cheryl Geh.
Had a wonderful time catching up with them,
not forgetting wonderful foods were served as well.


girls being girls.

Cheryl ♥

Mindee ♥

After our tea session, we headed over to Shilyne's twinnie's place to hang out abit while waiting for my mom.
Helped Cheryl makeover alil bit ;D
it was hell fun helping her make up while her complaining non stop over there :D
here are some vain pictures~ ;)
they are somehow smaller because I uploaded it with my phone

so sleepy after a whole night watching America's next top model
i'm going to take a nap, byeeeee!
sorry bout the ugly face XD