Coffee, Tea, or ME? ♥

Monday, July 23, 2012

It has been awhile since I last spend time with my friends,
some of them are not even in Penang anymore,
most of them moved over to KL for further studies,
and I really miss them :(
like Gemi & Gini, we've been friends for at lease 13 years and we've never really stay apart for this far and this long,
its kinda of a BIG CHANGE for me knowing that she's now 4 hours away from where I am,
it used to be only 10 minutes away. oh well, people do grow up and go on their on pathways.
I believe that we'll still be like the 4 year old Jiexhia, Gemi & Gini that we used to be once we meet again haha :D
Besides that I don't really hang out with the Geh & Wei recently anymore,
I think mainly because I'm spending majority of my time with the boyf,
and well they have their own friends to chill with aswell.

So, since I haven't been catching up with so many friends lately,
I would like to start with my pastel Twinnie~ Shilyne ♥
I jio-ed her out for tea time in winters and we had a wonderful time catching up with each other
credits to Shilyne babe for these pics ♥

Favourite shot from my camera ♥
Shilyne made me crop out her head -.-

see what my twin took hahaha >< so ugly lar when I camwhore XD

getting our make up cleaned up in G hotel's toilet before going up 2nd floor to check out the bags sales :)

#OOTD :)

Had our favourite dessert while waiting for Yimin to come :)

the lightings in meetfresh was UH-MAZING~
so I had really really good time cam whoring with Shilyne babe
don't mind us, we took alot of bimbotic photos ><

after Shilyne left for movies with her mother,
I meet up with Yimin and chit chat alttle about what happened recently,
[ you can call it gossiping in another way XD ]

thats it for the tea time post~ :)
off to bed! night readers ♥
Counting down to the days my love comes back * 4 more days ♥
[ credits to the photographers from Thailand ]



  1. Last picture is u? I actually tot is Selena gomez! Pretty pretty ^^

    1. hahaha awww thats sweet of you thank you <3