Late updates.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

BIG apologies to you readersssss!
I know i havent been blogging alot lately,
and yet my blog site says 'Shorty blogs ALOT'
I've been caught up with a dance competition and some homeworks lately,
so I really didn't have the mood to blog about it.

For the Sony kpop competition, me and my so called crew "Fusion-X"
got 1st runner up unexpectedly.
my attire got slight problem during the performance, and I did several mistakes that made me felt super down about it.
But thank god it didn't affect the overall performance,
we got really high praise from the judges and we somehow made 1 of them so touched till she cry.
Luvin our outfit this time~
Pure white ♥

my beautiful lynn lynn

vain vain vainnnn!

Photo credits to Hannyo~

and than there was another competition held by DIGI, called SEKOLLAHKU BERBAKAT. my school team won gold medal unexpectedly again talk about crazy the 1 with the leg up high is me~ haha
Happy expression!

thats pretty much it for my post today :)


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