Let's STEP UP!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I know what all of you are thinking, but no,
I'm not posting about the Johnnie walker event yet,
due to my pics haven't fully fixed, and I haven't collect all of my pics from friends~
so I really don't feel like blogging about it yet~ I guess it'll take me quite awhile till I talk about it here~ :)
Anyways, a few hours before the event, I went to the movies with my man and i was really excited to watch Step up Revolution which is the 4th step up movie.
I guess mainly not because of the main dancers this time, but because of the dancers from the previous movie.
They add in so much more varieties this time, like contemporary, flash mob, alot of twist and turns hanging in the sky which will really makes you feel so fresh yet, takes your breathe away!
* I sound so much like I'm promoting the movie, BUT IT IS WORTH TO WATCH!*
its still my favorite step up movie among the 4 movies.

I'm really in love with how Kathryn McCormick dances, she's not only good in dancing but also reallyyyy pretty, compared to the previous main dancers, SHE'S BY FAR THE PRETTIEST STEP UP STAR.

Not to mention, Ryan Guzman is sooooooooooooo salty!!!! ♥.♥

The elevator dance had really mind-fucked me man >< its so amazing and it'll leave you wondering "how exactly do they practice that?" its one of the most unforgettable scene from this movie~

Apart from the elevator scene, the art museum scene was unforgettable aswell,
and I'm guessing an amazing group name tWitch was involve in the routine!
Mari Koda, the only asian dancer from the previous movie was featured in the final dance too! she is still rocking the girl style dances and still looking smexy!

Aswell as moose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg hyped!!!!!!!!

Check out the dancers at the back :D
spot who? PACMAN!
I heard there Emilio's in it too but i didn't spot him haha~
Thats it for now ;)
Stay tuned for my next post~ I promise it'll be a good 1 haha :D

For what I've seen in this 4 movies,
the 1st step up,
A mixture of contemporary + abit of hip hop
Channing Tatum!!! ♥.♥

Step up 2, about passion for dance~
by far, my favorite step up couple ♥

Step up 3~ with all the lights

And now, we have step up 4 revolution about flash mobs.


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