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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today's officially 七夕情人节, so, happy Chinese Valentines ya'll!
Its nothing big but since everybody's posting it, I'm doing it aswell.
A few days ago, my beautician from KL came all the way to Penang for holidays,
and she stayed over my place together with her son~
brought them around Penang for food, and I even drove them to war museum..
gosh, the road is so whiny, they really should fix it! -.-
I've been to the war museum for around 3 times..?
but I don't really remember whats it like inside, and how it exactly looks like, BUT, I do remember it feels abit haunted-ish inside >

Went out for breakfast with Yvonne Yeoh, Ying ching & Wei wei the next day~
damnnnn its been a long time since I go for dimsum and I was so sleepyyy >< had an amazing time singing in redbox with von & ching too :) its been such a long time since I last sang in redbox, sang so many emotional chinese songs for once hahaha ~ let out my emotional feelings ><

After dying my hair for some time, I find the colour faded into a really unhealthy colour, as if I'm malnutrition. -.-
so I decided to dye it back to natural black~
Thank god my favorite hair dye brand came out with a new black colour,
it usually only has brown and green, but recently they came out with 2 types of black
I chose "Natural Black" which pretty much convinced my needs ;)
I've used this brand for 3 times already, and it never fail to dye my hair evenly~
thats also the only hair dye brand I've tried so far. LOL
Before I dyed my hair, this is how it looks like~
brownish~ looks so dry :/
[please ignore my pimple]

this is how it looks like after I dyed it ;)
Loving it ❤

You know, I really don't want things to be bad...
I'm holding alot back in, so,
dont push it too far. ;)



  1. I never dare to go war scary de feel lol xD

    I go back want to try this brand edi.....since u recommend so strongly ^^

    1. yeahh it is!!!
      yes you should, but 1 bad thing about it is that the colour wont last as long, unless u use the shampoo for hair dyes :)