Yichuen's 21st Birthday!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Whooooo holidays are finally here!
But got holidays, equals to no holidays because trials are approximately 10+ days away from us form 5 students! >< POOR US!

But apart from all those stress coming from school life,
I start off my holiday with YiChuen's 21st Birthday!
come to think about it,
we've known each other for almost 5 years!
I still look like an idiot with short hair back than when she's trying to persuade me to join Kelab Tarian >< could you even believe I was form 1 in this pic? HAHA JOKES ON ME. my hair is actually really short, but I was wearing extensions here for the performance.

and nowww....

we're ALL GROWN UP ;)
Don't she look gorgeous in that gown? ♥ IT !

That night in Park Royal was sooooo grand!
friends from ex private school was there aswell
Yichuen & her other 3 pretty sisters were busy entertaining guests with performances,
even the famous Hong Kong actress Patrina Fung was there!

Look! photo with long lost friend! Peiyannn :)

Yijiaaaaa! 1 of the prettiest girl in Penang! ❤
I feel like I'm shrinking being next to her ><

Once again, Happy 21st Birthday Gorgeous Yi Chuen!
Stay hot & pretty, and also stay super sweet with your boyf! ❤
Its amazing having you as a friend :)


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