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Friday, September 14, 2012

SPM trials are finally over! well, I still have 1 more paper next week, but its only a short short paper so,
I'm gonna take it as its over anyway.
I guess most of you are excited as I am, because the end of the year is getting closer,
my SPM is getting closer aswell, come to think of it I'm turning 18 in another 119 days [ yes, I do count down, and I am that desperate. DESPERATE TO LEAVE SCHOOL ]
why do we high school students hate school so much anyway?
-No hair colour
-No nail colour
-No makeup
-No colour lenses
-No handphones

And most of all,
well I'm talking mostly about girls, I'm not so sure about guys.
For me,
I hate school mostly because of this "No hair colour" rule.
who set this rule I mean like seriously!?
well, it does ruin the image of school A LITTLE BIT if the students dye bright colours~
but it doesn't really effect our studies. LOL
recently, I discovered a product that might suit our likings ;)
Tadaaaaa~ its the pastel hair chalks!
It temporary colours your hair, you can choose any colour you want,
even if its light pastel colours, you don't need to bleach your hair for it ;)
and the best part is, the colour also shows up very well on black hair!
seee so colourful! ❤ ❤ ❤
I specially loveee the pink ones ! ❤
You'll also need a straightener to lock the colours into your hair for the day~
here I'm using baby style rush.
You will also need gloves if you don't wanna dirty your hands.
You can wear like a towel over your shoulder to prevent the colours to stain your shirt~
But I look really stupid with it so imma take it off ;D

next, choose the colour you want ~
I chose this turquoise colour :)

Than, wet the chalk with some water~
Remember to wet the part of your hair that you want to colour too~
next, just use the chalk to colour your hair like you're using a crayon to colour your hair ;D
treating your hair like a piece of paper~
colour both front and back to get even colours :)
I know most people use the twisting method~ but the colour turns out to be not so vibrant~ I find this method shows the colour more :)
Use a comb to comb your hair so that it wont get tangled.
See what happens if you don't wear gloves! ;(
but can wash off easily lahhh....;D
And than the most important part!
use your straightener to lock in the colours :)
It looks abit dry for the outcome~ but its gonna turn out the same if you bleach your hair anyway~ so why not use temporary colours? hahaha
You guys know me....;)

Remember to use hair conditioner to wash ur hair so it won't be damaged and dry~
You can get these pastel hair chalks from a Facebook page "little sweet cases" for 12 colours, 24 colours like mine, 36 colours or 48 colours :)
Have fun chalking! ;)
Thanks for reading again you guys!
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goodnight! ❤


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