Cz & Melina's big day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

After suffering for 2 weeks, my trials are finally over,
I finished my last paper today, I guess I didn't do very well because I felt abit sick-ish..*coughs*
I'm still sitting here blogging, because I'm a insecure blogger that is afraid of you readers to forget about me :D
Anyways, I'll be writting about my cousin's wedding day :)
This is the only guy cousin that lives in Penang,
and we've never thought that he'll be getting married so soon haha
his son is born before his big day :D
Soooo cute, the first baby in our family that gets to attend his parent's wedding !
Seee so cute right?? :D
he has pretty eyes like his mommy :)
this is my niece :)
so cuteeee♥
this is my other niece wearing traditional korean dress :)
cute or what??
The morning session of the wedding in my aunty's house~
this is my outfit for the day :)
loving my hair! ♥
twin cousins ♥
bride and groom coming into the house with the red umbrella ~
Happy happy couple ♥
this is one of my favourite shot! :D
this is super duper cute!
parents calling their baby son :D ♥
hiak hiak me taking ang pao :P
Carrying baby junling ;)
he's angry ><

me vaining after the morning session~ ;)
*messy hair*

as for the night dinner,
i took alot of pictures aswell :)
my outfit of the night :)
spot my red hair? the tutorial for the pastel chalk hair is here

Pretty twin cousins with baby jun ling :)
*don't know what is he doing*
love this pic of my niece and her daddy!
look so alike right? I am starting to take nice pics hahaha ;D
Kei :)
she's soooo pretty! pure chinese-thai ♥
Jing and Kei ♥
Ting Ting :) ♥
Rachel ♥
Pretty cousinsss ♥
Girls generations ;D hahahahaha
okay lar maybe not, if not girls generation's fans will f*ing kill me and hate me ;D

make up of the night :)

I performed too.. but I prepared it in less than a week so there's nothing special lar okay?
hahaha ;)

nah video.
mai hiam kay? no preparation done. hahahaha :D
thanks for reading once again :)


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