Food Trip! ❤

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Okay, I'm actually sitting for my SPM trials exam for 2 weeks+
and I know I shouldn't be here~ haha!
But I'm sitting for the english paper tomorrow, and I'm just gonna take a few hours off so...yea~ and plus, my photos were edited days ago, so I just gotta upload and write craps :D hahah
For the past holidays, my friends suggested to go for a foodtrip,
you know, since we live in Penang which has most of the good and yummy foods,
we decided to go around Penang searching for good, BUT light foods :D

1st stop! Laksa
I somehow look fat here hahaha :D
Next stop! Chendol!
I know the bowl looks kinda dirty here...but when its yummy, you wont even bother anymore like seriously.
Helloooo ;)
looks like I'm in thailand, and the weather is hot so I wear those oversized sunnies to act chio. chio right? hahaha!

Next we planned to go China house for tea~
But than we came across this famous mural,
It was drawn by a few angmos months ago~
They actually drew a few more artworks around Penang
I actually wanted to go and like you know have a look and vain with those walls and stuff, but I have no idea where are the places, and I'm pretty lazy to walk so..I just saw this 1 and just randomly snap a photo haha.
from the left Cheryl, Rachel, ME, Twinnie Shilyne [ click on the link & view her blog too! :) ]
I super love this pic ❤
Looks like I'm super tall and skinny. haha
just bcoz I am taller than the mural, & my bag covered my unpleasant looking thighs :P
So after taking the pics,
which took us roughly more than 15 mins, because its actually at a road side,
and there's always like motors and cars passing by & it interrupt our shoot.
we went over to china house for tea :)
there are like sooooo many cakes there~ D:
But we've heard that the tiramisu is freaking amazing so we gave it a try.
And gooooodness. it tastes so good, especially the nuts! ❤❤❤
3 hearts for you!
Next we ordered this chocolate raspberry cake,
it taste kinda weird, because chocolate is suppose to be sweet and all..
but the raspberry made the cake sour somehow?
I didn't exactly like it tho :/
HAHA! trying to act like a professional blogger, you know with the mini chio camera~
*ignore the stupid face please*
The last stop was dessert again!
we went over to Tong Pak Fu's~
We keep seeing people posting pictures of blended flavoured ice on instagram,
and we had never tried it so we went there and gave it a shot.
Oredered this mango ice thing, because the chocolate 1 was out of stock.
1 thing about this shop right, is that you have to wait super long,
and the flavours you want are always out of stock, quite sien in a way. -.-
Cherylll~ :)
Pastel twins ❤
Group Photo!!! :D

Okay so this is the end of the food trip post!
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thanks for reading you guys ❤


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