Haul #2 ❤

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hey there readers~
This is gonna be my second haul post, if you guys had followed my blog a longgg time ago, I had my very first haul post about nature republic's product once it arrives penang :)
So I figured out a few products that I really love and suits me super well and I'm gonna share it here with you guys! ;D

1st on my list its definitely gonna be Dior Lip Maximizer ,
if you know me personally, you would know I always face lip infections problems,
and its always super dry. I can't use any lip glosses, lip balms or lips sticks at all!
it will freaking swell like sausages -.- how sad for a girl right??
but ever since my friend intro this wonderful product to me,
I can leave the house looking fresh with glossy pink lips! ;D

2nd on my list would be the Chloe perfume~
many people had recommended me to get this but I refuse to because I USED to find it too strong compared to the Marc Jacob 1, but than baby love went to choose with me and he said this smells more lady like and classy, Marc Jacob 1 smells like grass. LOL
so I got this 1 & I love the smell nowwww ♥

3rd on my list is the Casio vintage looking gold watch :)
I've been looking for this watch for a very long time, I've seen some bloggers wore it and I super ♥ how the watch looks like, you know all gold-ish and vintage-ish and stuff~
but it was sold out in the malls that I usually shop in,
luckily my friend told me that she found 2 of these watches in Gama, which is a mall that most aunties go for grocery shopping, I guess they hardly go shop for watches there haha.
PLUS! I got it for a really good deal ;) not bad right? haha ❤

Last but not least, I'm gonna share with you guys, how I get a more deep-set eyelids compared to my original chinese looking tapered eyelids.
This is the eyelid sticker that I use for deeper looking eyelids!
Its different from what chuckei uses, its not double sides, its matte single side tape.
I know its too transparent to be seen here,
but its slight different from other eyelid stickers that we used to use, which is skinnier, for me, this 1 is thicker and it works better~
1st, locate where your eye socket is with something~
*ps I know it looks like it hurts, but it doesn't*
and please ignore my stupid looking face....><

than, use your pair of tweezers to pick out 1 piece of eyelid sticker,
and place it right below your crease~
And you're done!
this is before,
sad tapered eyelid~
anddd~ tadaa !
this is after~
parallel eyelids~ but this 1 abit failed lol its look better with make up :)

I know what you guys are thinking, there are not much of a difference, lol
like how my friends and my boyfriend accused me for,
they were all like " aiya there's no point for you to stick lar, you already have double eyelids"
yeah I do, but not parallel ones which looks better!
there seriously is a difference,
your eyes would definitely appear bigger and deeper in pictures ;)

thanks for reading you guys! ♥
hope I helped some of you girls out there :)
I'll be talking about the foodtrip I went with my pretty ladies in the next post so stay tuned! ❤



  1. This post really helps a lot! What about a make-up post/tutorial? haha

    1. maybe after my food trip post :)
      thank youuu x

  2. hye may i know how much is the dior lip maximizer cost and where to buy the eyelid sticker ? tell plsss :)

    1. The Dior lip maximizer is RM88 & I got the stickers in gurney~ but I guess u can find similar thick ones in sasa aswell :)