Lunch with loves

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last weekend, I wasn't exactly in my best mood~
so my friends accompanied me out for lunch in straits quay,
Went over to Kim's new house next to straits quay and DAAMMMNNNN !
her house is literally my dream home you know with the private pool,
a garden, 3 stories and stuff~
but I guess my dream will remain as a dream hahaha!
I had an amazing time with them in Kim's house~
should've camwhored more around her house but I guess I was too paiseh to do that. HAHAHA, yes, I do feel paiseh sometimes okay!
My outfit of the day~
so "Jane Chuck" inspired lol~
I guess I started liking these sleeves with holes because I saw her wearing similar design clothings in her blog aswell.

My loves ❤
[from left, Von, Yingching, Kim]
Helping the ai sui po make up~
wanted to look pretty but lazy to make up tsk tsk tsk.
super love how I tied up my hair that day ;)

We had lunch in Blue reef because I felt like eating fish somehow.
I felt sorry for yingching because she wanted to eat something else but we all refused to hahaha >< Something came up again that made me super unhappy, so I was really down and was about to tear out, but than they have such ways that make me forget about what makes me unhappy and makes me smile again ❤ 
that is why I heart them this much.
What we had there~
Kim took my camera and started snapping pics of me, I started posing for her non stop aswell HAHAH

Until I couldn't think of any poses, I gave her this stupid looking face saying:
but she still snapped it anyway ><

Vain outside straits quay ;D
Super love this shot!
happy me with crazy kimmy!
Yingching ❤
Von ❤

So that's pretty much it for today's post,
Thanks for reading you guys ❤ !
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