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Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm super duper extremely happy today because I finally collected another blogshop parcel and got an accessory that I've been hunting for months!
I usually get similar questions like :
" which online blogshop do you usually shop at? "
but do be honest, I don't really always shop at a particular place~
I'll just get what I like no matter what brand, or which shop is it from,
as long as it suits me well, and I like it :)
but than, of course I have a few blogshops and shops that suits my needs most of the time~
and I'm gonna share it here with you readers today! :D
Okay, first, imma talk about clothings.
I used to never really like wearing dresses,
until 1 day I realized I should dress more girly..-.-
so my friend introduced me to a facebook page owned by my friend's sister that sells pretty clothings with super reasonable prices.
at first I didn't believe that I could find any nice cloths there with extreme reasonable prices but after visiting it, I WAS SHOCKED.
there are a few least nice ones lar for sure, but most of it are the my type and
I think I've shown you guys a few pictures of me wearing dresses from this shop
like this dress that I worn to Yichuen's 21st birthday dinner~
the green dress that I wore to my cousin's wedding
Even the dress that I wore in the header of my blog! ;)

you guys should totally check her page out in facebook " u & me mini boutique"

there's also another facebook page by my friend that sells different stuff from accessories to iphone covers to clothings to shoes.
most of her stuff are in trend and price are sorta reasonable aswell ;)
I finally collected my parcel from her and I am in LOVE.
I got myself a pair of dip-dye purple-pink studded shorts and a studded skull clutch that comes with a sling string.
her page is "kassanova" ;)

My all time favorite would definitely be "Uniqueens" also a facebook page by a friend of mine :)
she sells alot of pastel colour all very sweet looking, definitely different style with tess-lively which I will be talking about later~
I've bought super high wedges from her~
And a small pink envelop clutch~

Also recently in trend's varsity jacket~

this is her facebook page "Uniqueens"
you can also visit her shop in Auto-city ;)

and I'm super happy because I finally get to actually visit "tess-lively's" shop "eurochic"
she's a well-known blogger/instagram girl that shares her style online,
and she dresses really really stylish and pretty!
she owns "eurochic" and it is located in prangin mall penang.
I know right? UNBELIEVABLE!
such a chio shop can be located in the most lala mall in penang >
I love the details on it like the diamonds they attached on the hook~

and the little sharp metal pieces they hang on it~
it made it look so punk-ish.

that's it for my online shopping post,
thanks for reading and goodnight readers! :)


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