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Thursday, October 4, 2012

I receive alot of praise for my photos,
not being "hao lian" ar.
and most of the time you guys are curious about how I "zhng" or edit them, 
so I'll be sharing it here with you guys! :)
I'll be answering those frequently asked questions here as well.

 1. Do you wear colour contact lenses in your pics? 
No. I mean I used to wear them like 2 or 3 years ago, but than I think my eyes are the dry type, so I can't wear colour lenses at all, or I'll get irritations. 
Exp: 2 years and half ago. for the mamamia concert, I was wearing freaking 16mm lenses and according to boyf, I look freaking "lala", true story HAHA. FML.

Lala me with 16 mm lens. 
Now, without lens. 

2. What is the most important makeup that you wouldn't go out without? 
Probably would be double eye lid sticker. I can go out with a bare face with no concealer, no foundation, not even filling in my eye brows, but I just couldn't leave the house without putting on my double eye lid sticker. The reason is because whenever I meet somebody, the first thing I look is definitely their eyes, its like what people used to say "your eyes are like the windows to your soul" no? haha :D

without sticker~  

with sticker and thick eyeliner so the crease is definitely higher~

  3. Do you edit your face to become smoother? 
yes, I believe every girl does. Unless I state there #noedits which I recently do. 
and which is my favorite app to edit the face? 
Definitely would be this 1-->
its called moreBeaute2 

Basically, you can adjust the brightness and smoothing, as well as detail and tone~
if you have a more yellow skin tone like me, you'll love this app haha :D


I know some girls like to "extra smoothen" their face, but I dislike that, so I adjust it lower, but smoother than the original picture~

4. what other apps do you use to edit your face?
my favourite 1 would be this 1 -->
its called PE-Fotolr 
I really love this app! I mean like noooo joke, it has everything! 
okay, so lets say I finished editing my previous pic right, but I still look too pale, 
with this app, I am able to apply blusher and lip colour ;) 
so first, I'm gonna select this "portrait"
thank from the inside, I'll be choosing "blush" for my cheeks 
than select any colour or type of blusher we want, than adjust the width by dragging the blue dots, and also adjust the alpha value so it'll look more natural on our faces. 
anddd....~ tadaa~
before & after
there's also another feature which is similar with the photoshop's "liquify"
basically, you can use this feature to change your face shape, 
either to make it slimmer, or fatter, 
or reshape your nose, maybe even your body.

after slimming down my face, I look like *** so fucking skinny and malnutrition looking ;D 
hahah sorry. 

5. what are your favorite apps to edit the effects of your photos?
hmm.. the only app that I prefer using now is this app -->
its called camera 360
you guys probably know the existence of this app already but I'm still gonna post it anyway.

it has alot of effects! my favorite would be light colour and retro.
these are the retro effects~

these are the light colour effects~
I guess I specially like this app because we can adjust the alpha for it aswell, unlike the other apps for effects. 

6. Which is your best/favorite angle?
I would say...my recent favorite angle is straight from the front, or bottom. 
it suits me lar, but I'm not sure it suits you girls anot,
coz different people, different angle. 
when I started camwhoring, I remembered that I like using the 45 degrees angle, 
which is the common angle for camwhoring because it was said that, that particular angle makes your face looks skinnier, 
but my face shape is more to a "heart shape" face, 
so if i use 45 degrees, my cheeks will look humongous and I'll have no chin~
Please dont mind this ugly pic of me showing my armpits kay? it was 4 or 5 years ago ><
top 45 degrees, BAD ANGLE for me. 
straight angle~ *thumbs up* 
my face will appear somehow longer~
Low angle *thumbs up*
my nose will seem sharper from lower angles :)

Okay, so here's my "secret" to all my photos, 
hahah so all of you girls out there shouldn't be too upset when you think other girl's pictures are prettier than yours,
because after the invention of iphones and makeup/photo applications, 
you girls could just accuse them for not having natural beauty~ HAHA
included me okay??
unless its stated there "#noedited" or something, than okay lah..believable~
but girls nowadays, mostly edit 1, trust me, I KNOW ;D
But at least right, we make an effort to be prettier, 
and not just sit there and complain about our looks all day~ 
Sometimes I really couldn't stand some girls complaining to me saying how ugly they are, 
or how disgusting they look whenever they take picture, 
it doesn't even make any sense, there are so many different ways to be pretty now, 
with the power of makeup, "ugliness" shouldn't be allowed in this 21st century. 
unless you're very please with you so called "natural beauty"
than I have nothing to say :) 
this is my personal opinion ar...please don't come and bomb me. thankyou.
thanks for reading this super long post 


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