I, finally graduated =')

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Its only 5 days away from the scariest thing I'm facing now, which is SPM.
I guess most of my friends or SPM students are at home now to succumb the stress, 
I've been kinda busy lately due to spm, that's why I'm only able to post maybe 1 blog post in a whole week time, 
but hopefully I'll be able to blog right after my exam, if not I really don't know what to do if you guys forget me...O.O
hahaha NO LAHHH siao. 
I've had alot of plannings ahead waiting for me after my final exam, 
and I CANT WAIT to share it here with you guys once again. 
And plus, I'm gonna have to skip my halloween makeover look for this year.
as you guys know, I have makeovers for halloween almost every year, but not this year as I didn't have the time to. =(
but anyways here's a ridiculous pic of me from last year's halloween, 

and btw, this is a lion look, not cat, not kitty, not cheetah because those are too mainstream.
but most people got my look wrong because of my dress and my pose. hahaha
anyways back to my main point, 
it was a long day during graduation because we had to reach school at 7 and the event was suppose to end at 1230 but they finished the whole ceremony earlier so we get a whole lot of time to camwhore.
every student were required to go on stage and receive their graduation certificate from our headmistress, 
so it took a whole lot of time to finish the whole thing.
not alot of people cried i suppose...everybody were too excited to leave school I guess?

So here are a few of my favourite peeps from my school :)
here is Kim & Jean 
*source from jeanteen's instragram* 
 Yvonne yeohhhh ;) 
I think you guys had seen her in most of my pics and blog post because she is super vain :P

 Jeanteen again ;) she's super adorableeeee 

the pretty genius from our school~ 
also my kpop dance partner 

 She jokes about almost everything O.O

My SUPER TALL friend, reewen~ ;D
I always ask her the same thing 
"eh, can pass me some height anot?" 
hahaha I think she secretly find me annoying ;D

All of ussssss 


And here we have a few teachers that I managed to take pictures with~
Not much but manged to find a few :)

 My dance society's teacher in charge, 
Miss Yeong :)

Miss Tan, my chinese teacher :D

Pn Ng, my form 4 Moral teacher :D 

Miss Ling :) 
our 副校長

 Pn Hwang, my chemistry teacher :)

so that concludes my graduation post, not much to write about because its just like that. 
haha lol.
I'll be back soon as I promised, 
thanks for reading! 


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