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Saturday, October 13, 2012

this is gonna be another haul post, but I'm just gonna talk about 1 product that my friend had helped me got,
that is the LANSI shirt from The Swagger Salon
they have another design which is "TAIKOR"
but most people preferred Lansi, so do I ;)
If you guys are wondering, what is the meaning of "Lansi",
its actually a ruder way of saying "proud" in Hokkien,
most of us Malaysians uses it to insult people in some ways. haha rude, BUT cool too.
They sell different things like basic tee's with either the word lansi or taikor on it, snapbacks, jackets and also some other accessories like car stickers and badges.
It took me a really long time to actually wait for their stock to come in,
because it is so limited, the stock runs out pretty fast,
and they don't really restock any of their past products.
So if you're really interested in any of the products that you see, grab it now! or you'll regret BIG TIME.
So here it is! the package that they had put my shirt in,
its cool that they also chop their initial on the top of the box!
at first I was like, why would a shirt need a big box...? o.O

inside the box, there is a plastic that has my shirt in it,
on top of the plastic, it says, "CAUTION!" EXTREMELY FRESH CONTENT"
chio or what??

inside of the plastic there's the Lansi shirt in grey and the words in orange,
there's also this card explaining the definition of LANSI
"Confidently proud of being who you are, or knowing how to carry yourself with an aura of arrogance, yet managing to command respect"

and the back of it, there's the Nutrition Facts of the shirt, *what?*
I think you guys can read the nutrition facts from the picture,
but on the bottom, there's also INGREDIENTS :" Creativity, hard work, confidence, originality, workmanship, swagger, freshness, time, designs, style, some thread, and fabric.

with every purchase of the swagger salon products, they will give you Lansi stickers, FOR FREE!
this is my favourite 1, KEEP CALM AND STAY LANSI. ;)
Also not forgetting, with every purchase of the tee's, there will be a gold sticker on the top of the plastic. 
and with every 10 gold stickers, send this card back to them, and you'll get to redeem a RM50 discount !
Awesomeee ey? 
so, you're wondering, how would Jxhia post a blog post without camwhoring pics huh? 
so here it is! me and my LANSI expressions ;)

nolahhhh I'm so friendly, hard to pull off the LANSI look lar right right? ;P
And and and!
special thanks to the swagger salon for sharing my pics on facebook and tumblr!
really appreciate it ;) 
felt abit paiseh that I'm a 17 year old girl on their gallery page where the other pictures are the hot models for their brand. 

So what are you waiting for ? visit The Swagger Salon now! 
or visit their facebook page at "the swagger salon" to seek for their updates :)
thanks for reading !
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