Long ago, far away.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's been quite awhile since I really sit down and blog about how I feel.
Most of my posts are about outings, tutorials & hauls lately.
Mostly because I just take pictures of certain things and blog about that particular subject and just not think about any other things to write about anymore
*pfft lazy me*
But than I've been through quite a lot recently that inspired me to write a little bit more here instead of just pictures, pictures and more pictures.
well, 17 years passed by quite fast, in a blink of an eye I'll be facing my senior high exam soon which is SPM, that means I'll be leaving high school soon as well.
I'm pretty glad that I've changed to my current school to continue my senior high because I get to meet nice new people here and get to know my current besties.
It was so much different back than in private school.
Sure, I'm not a very hardworking person when it comes to studying,
But it was also very stressful back than in private school due to the amount of works & subjects that we were required to take.
that is why I hardly blog last time, never really had the time to.
So once I changed to my current school I started blogging,
about things,
about food,
about me.
I start to like reading blog posts..
stalk famous bloggers *grins*
[ p/s I know I'm such a stalker ><]
start to doll up for pretty pictures
and until now, I'm still trying to improve everyday.
I've been reading back my old blog posts before I write this post,
and I can see so much changes in me in these 2 years..
Did a lot of juvenile stuff like piercings and crying over & over for certain people.
 but than I've learn to be a whole lot stronger now at lease more than last time HAHA.
I guess I was weak back than because I never really had any real friends to talk to,
I do, but they had gone their own ways,
like Lara, went to further her studies in Melbourne,
Gemi, changed to international school, now in KL's college,
Yukiito *aka buddy*, changed to hanchiang private which I hardly contact anymore.
thank god for my new school, I have new AMAZING friends
and of course thanks to all the people that always gives me mentally support, 
that's why I'm here today :) 
I'm thankful for everybody that had enter my life,
family, boyf, friends, & you readers! ;)
even the haters,
thank you for hating me,
for showing the world that I'm a better person than you are because I don't hate,
and that taking me as a competition. Thankyou.
for the ex-boyfs,
thank you for leading me nearer to where my happiness truly belong,
like they said,
"One heart broken, leads you nearer to happily ever after"
isn't that true? ;)
As for my parents, they really are my "light"
they brighten up my future for me as well as my life,
you can say, they are the biggest sponsor for me so far.
As far as I had been through,
all of you that I had mention above are always here with me,
and I really don't know what to say,
a simple "thank you" couldn't express how much thankful I am. Really.

Last but not least, thank you for reading once again,
I really appreciate it.
with all the LOVE,

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