Thanks giving

Monday, October 22, 2012

Helloo peeps, I've been away for a week,
and I can't exactly blog much right now because I'm just a week away from SPM, 
quite scary lar, but tolerable haha ><
and these few days quite stressed out I don't even know why~ not because of exam I think, I think its because till now I still can't believe I graduated, although its the fact I'm still in the situation like
"someone come and slap me and tell me this ain't true
not because I'm upset and like bu she de to leave school, BUT I am so happy that I can't believe its happening! 11 years of school uniform life, finally over soon, 
most people are upset and will actually cry and all just because they're leaving school, 
but I guess I'm not a very sentimental person, 
I'm more of a HI-BYE person, so all of these is pretty much nothing to me~
Maybe because I've only been in this school for 2 years, not much memory for me. 
and plus, technology nowadays, facebook, whatsapp..etc.
wanna contact a primary school friend isn't too hard too right? lol why wanna be so emotional >< 
anyways, back to my main point of this post, thanks giving.
so last sunday our school held our thanks giving for teacher in Traders Hotel~
me and Lynn even performed our past kpop competition dance, 
we didn't even have time to plan or practice our dance, we just put on our costume, turn on the music and dance~
I joined the flash mob aswell, still waiting for them to post a front view video of the flash mob because my camera's version is from the side, isn't really clear~
so here are some of my favourite pics of the day :) 
 Beloved Lynnnnn 
 BestES Bestie of all Von
 She claimed that she look fat in this, but I look good from bottom angle so I'm posting this ;P 
Jeanteennnnnn my little buddy/sister 
love her like maddd~
Peh Khim 

Not much picture because I was busy running around preparing for performances, 
took a few picture with teachers too but I look hideous so I'm gonna keep it for memory ;)
right after thanks giving, went over to 1st avenue's starbucks to chill with Jean, Von & Kim~
didn't get to vain much because we were busy chatting, gossiping,
you know, the typical "topics" girls share together~
but I did had a really good time with them since its been awhile since I last hang out with Kim and Jean.
I even get to buy the retro glasses I was looking for, 
in GOLD ! MAD LOVE. I saw many people wearing black ones, but I dont exactly fancy it, 
mainly because it reminded me of PSY? 
but anyways its still chio~
at lease I think it is =P
was wondering around 1st avenue and spotted a modelling event, 
so went there and have a look, 
alot of girls with hot body leh, tall, skinny, no fat thighs...
I feel so stupid standing there looking like a midget. wtf. 
midget with short legs somemore. =(
but anyways, I met Liang liang,
which is also 1 of the dancers that I danced with during the kpop competition last year and this year remember? =)
My outfit of the day :)
with my new chio glasses~
its been awhile since I wear my pink dunks~
My hair is damn light under the strong sunlight D=
gonna be choosing the right hair colour to dye the day after SPM~
so excited! =D 

thats it for now ! 
my graduation day post will be next IF ONLY I have the time to blog about it~
and after that, from the 3rd of Nov on, 
I won't be blogging at all for a month because of shitty SPM, 
I promise I'll be back after a month, and will be writing more interesting posts for you amazing readers out there! 
thanks for reading once again and GOODNIGHT 


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