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Monday, November 26, 2012

Hey guys! Super super sorry about the last hate post I posted last night,
was abit che gong haha :D
But anyways, I'm back here today to share a newly set up page on facebook !
Its called FOTD that stands for "Fashion Of The Day"
its a page that shares about fashion and not branded goods,
and its slogan is " To be fashionable, its not about the brands, its about the style "
There will be a few bloggers featured in their page too!  includeeeeee 
ME  Povy & Missyanda :)
they will share our "outfit of the day" to their pages to share our personal styles :D
Support their page by "liking" their facebook page now !

For some of us who always stick with our smart phones,
they even have a instagram account now :D
its easier for us to view through with our phones!
follow them there too !
*spot me*

So now it inspired me a lil bit to share about how I started off with my whole "OOTD/OOTN/FOTD" pictures fetish all over my insatgram !
I am not very good at dressing up, 
I mostly dress up really really simple, 
I can just put on spaghetti straps, denim shorts and just head out~
But I feel like I should be more girly and actually put effort to accessorize myself a lil bit more~
haha though I don't see any changes in my outfits, 
but its somehow fun to look back at what I used to wear from months ago or 2 years ago where I started using instagram :D

so here they are! 
my outfit posts! 
 During Rachel & Melissa's Birthday celebration in Precinct 10 !
Mango tee
Black tight skirt
fake diamond collar : I-Square
Heels : Opera

Movie night with ze Boyf
 Top from Bangkok
Uneven length skirt from Bangkok
Fitflop Electra
Inspired Chanel bag

 This is one of my FAVOURITE!!!
Johnnie Walker Black Circuit 
Black Bare back body con dress : I-Square
Vintage Black & Gold bag : Was my aunt's, she gave it to me when I was little

Thanks Giving day
Pink Spaghetti Strap : Kitschen
Grey checkered skinnies : Amore 
Pink Nike Dunks
Retro glasses   

Another favourite outfit!!! 
Heart Shaped bare back violet-blue dress 
Swarovski Necklace & earrings 

This is my "EVERYDAY LOOK" hahaha
White Spaghetti Strap : Kitschen
Denim Shorts 
Bag : Nose
Fitflop Electra
Shades : Cotton on

Mini Heart shapes loose singlet top : Kitschen
Ombre denim shorts : hehe self bleached ;)
Vintage watch : Casio
Fitflop Frou
Bag : Mom's

Another favourite!! 
Nike tee from my boy 
Studded necklace : Straits Quay
Belt : Thailand
Floral bangles : Random shop I forgot
Ombre dip dye pants : Kassanova facebook shop

White top : U & me mini boutique ( facebook )
Denim shorts : I forgotten where
Arm swag/ Arm candy ;P : Tiffany & Co charm bracelet, 
                               gold bangle from Diva,
                                                                               orange spike bracelet, bigbang inspired eyeball bracelet,                    studded necklace :Straits Quay
Bag : Nose
Flats : Aldo

Two way top : U & me mini boutique (facebook)
shorts: Sungai Wang KL
*hehehe sorry ah, big head me* 

Floral top from ze boyfriend
Floral skinnies : Chakaboo (facebook boutique)
Pink Ribbon Jelly wedge : Opera 
Navy Blue handbag : Nine West 

Alright ! that is pretty much it for my FOTD / Outfit post, 
hopefully I can improve my doll up skills abit more haha :D
For more info's you can leave a comment down below as I had deleted my cbox,
you can also follow my twitter / instagram if you haven't : @jxhia 
peace out :)

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