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Saturday, November 3, 2012

1 more day till its SPM, excited huh?
everybody's so worried and anxious but I'm still like wahh relaxing, masking, shopping.
anyways, whether I like it or not, I will be off blogger for a month time long,
so this post is mainly about my top social sites that I use,
even if its SPM I guess I'm still gonna use them when I'm taking a break~
because these social sites are available on smart phones and I own 1,
treating it like my husband.
and I believe MAJORITY of you own at lease 1 smart phone,
and also using these few apps/social sites.
so here it is!

so number 1 on my top list, definitely would be Instagram,
I'm very vain, I love taking photos, I loveee being infront of the camera~
I believe every girl does.
and I will be scrolling the instagram feed every hour or half an hour talk about crazy.
because I myself followed 400+ people and there's ALOT to see.
so if you haven't follow me, you can search me @jxhia

Next is twitter, 
the place I think most of you secretly finds me annoying, 
because I complain about everything there, 
from own self problems to relationship to politics to animals to plants to mother earth. 
if you're the type that wants your twitter feed to be peaceful, 
than I suggest you don't follow me~
but if you don't and wouldn't mind following me, here it is also @jxhia
you can also directly press the twitter badge that I had added on the side of my blog

next would be facebook, 
everybody has a facebook account! 
I didn't exactly accept alot of people, 
and alot of my school mates and juniors claimed that I'm lansi, 
just because I don't wanna "accept" them.
but I'm sorry! I don't really want my facebook account to be full than create a "Jxhia Wong II"
or even open a fan page because I'm not famous, not a celebrity why the hell do I need a fan page?? 
so not that I don't wanna accept, its because I don't know you at all. 
but if you want, my facebook page is now allowing people to subscribe due to the amount of requests that I have yet to check. 
so you can subscribe me on facebook "Jxhia Wong" :)
[sorry if I accidentally offended any of you with my words up there]

last but not least, my current favourite!
it is an app for blog lovers like meeee !
it has made blog stalking upgraded to a whole new level, 
its so easy to use, 
so convenient for all of us to follow our blogger idols like Chuckei, Povy, Anerly fang etc.
[ ps: these are my favourites => ]
it works like instagram, just scroll all the way down to view blogger's recent updates, 
and if you like it, you can even LIKE it like how we always do in instagram, 
and also leave a comment instantly with our smart phones, 
all you have to do is sign up a NuffnangX account and you can start searching all your favourite bloggers! =D
you can also follow me there!
just search my name : Jxhia Wong
and it will directly link ya'll to my nuffnangX page :)
you can directly press the "follow me" badge that I had attached on the side of my blog
it supposedly looks like this =>

So ya that concludes all the social networks that I am active for, 
ooooh! and 1 last thing, 
I had a new email that is
for any advertorial, sponsorships, part time job, events, 
you can also contact me with this email. 
for more info's you can leave a comment down below, 
and I will speak with you guys soon :) 

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