Holiday Nail Tutorial !

Monday, December 17, 2012

Alright guys for today I'll be sharing a holiday nail tutorial with you guys,
and this is basically inspired by my galaxy shoes that I had painted,
you can also click here for the tutorial that I had previously posted.
I don't know about you guys, but to me, galaxy prints are like a "thing" now right?
its so special yet the designs are pretty complex.
but its actually pretty simple to paint as long as you used the right colours~
Soooo.... Let's begin ! :D

Step 1: Trim and clean nails
So I've cut my nails into a more squarish shape, I've also cleaned them and cut the cuticles on the sides so that the dead skins wont gross the whole look :D

Step 2: Selecting base colour
I've selected black colour as my bas colour right after I've painted my layer of base coat~
reason is because galaxy skies are always dark right ? so black is the most suitable colour for base.

Step 3: Paint Milky way
So I've selected a few colours for the milky way, I'll list it down here as I didn't have a picture of it.
1. Silvery light pink
2. Dark matte pink
3. Dark shimmery purple
4. Electric blue
5. Shimmery turquoise

You're gonna need to use cutips to draw the milky way.
same method as the galaxy shoe, I paint from the lightest colour first and layer on the darker colours later~
I've used a plate for me to drop small drops of nail polishes so that its easier to work with

first off, I used cutips to paint the silvery light pink for my milky way
it doesn't have to be perfect because there will be layers of colours later on.
It supposedly looks like this-->

Next, using the same cutips method, 
dab the hot pink nail polish on the border of the light pink and black base~


Next, using the same method again, dab on the shimmery dark purple on the parts where its near to the black base~ 

I know it looks pretty messy now, but it'll look better after we add in the blues~

Next, dab the electric blue randomly on the milky way.

than dab this shimmery turquoise on top of the electric blue~
if your electric blue is already shiny, than you can skip this step

Step 3 : Top Coat 
Lastly, top off with a clear shimmery top coat to represent the stars !!

And you're done !!! ❤
pretty simple isn't it??
Just keep layering the coloursss :D ❤

I'm now ready for Christmas ! Are you? :D
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I'll talk to you guys soon ! 
Byeee ❤

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