Hypocrite much ?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Alright from the title, and my instagram updates, you guys would've probably guessed what's today's post is gonna be about.
Yes. I bought Samsung Galaxy Note II instead of iphone5.
Yes. I'm a hypocrite, for disliking Samsung company previously and was a pro apple fan.
No. I did not mention that I hate Samsun Galaxy Note series, I only hated on Galaxy S series.
No. I didn't leave apple, I still equally loves apple.

So what hits me to make me buy a new phone this time ?
first thing first, my phone is retarded, because I cracked the screen once and of course got it fixed,
but its sensitivity is abit off, and the speaker is retarded when I receive phone calls.
The reason why I chose Samsung Note II is because I wanted to try something new,
Iphones are practically the same, besides the speed, IOS, and camera.
the other features and technically the same.
and this time, iphone 5 didn't improved as much as iphone3 to iphone 4.
Back than when I change my i3 to i4 is because it has a front camera, and the shape has changed,
also, the white version of i3 and i4 is obviously different.
this time, the only thing I see different in i5 is the length, and speed.
the features and everything, is still the same~ so I don't see why I wanna spend another 2k on another same phone lar.
if you still wanna say me hypocrite I still can't stop you so, go ahead -.-

so here it issss!
PS: sorry for the bad quality images down there ! I borrowed my camera to my bestie so I had to substitute this with my iphone :/

this is how huge it is.
some people dislike it because its too big,
but thats the whole point of creating Galaxy note series~
" Biggest smart phone, smallest tablet "

The best part of the phone is the S pen !
its so easier for us to write things and handle things with the S pen ! :D
By pressing the button on the S pen and press gently on the screen, we can even print screen !
Besides that, we can air view pictures, videos and even messages !

One of my favourite feature is Multi-screening~
we can do 2 things at the same time :D
I can tweet and watch videos at the same time nowww ! so convenient !!!
Chioooo or what?

I got my cover from ckgadget.com~
it is pastel turquoise on the inside, with some pockets on the side to keep our IC, money etc. 
convenient to go out without a bag~ 

It is pastel pink on the outside :))

 So please don't come all " you can't wait for iphone 5 ar ?" with me.
this is my choice, my choice doesn't have to be same as yours isn't it?
I have the rights to choose for myself.
I know what's best for me ;)

So have you heard? its 12.12.12 today~
and also 10th monthsary for me and my booo!
counting down 8 days to our little sweet escape  

Thankyou for reading this post everybody ! 
hope you have a wonderful 12.12.12 today :D
Sorry for my ultimate vainess~
Lollipop given by santarina Shermaine!
Good night 

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