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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Helllooooo fellow readers!
I had officially finished SPM and I am super excited to start a whole new life without the blue uniforms and pony tails~
Daddy had got me my birthday present ! But he said it wouldn't arrive until next year, after my birthday and after my beijing trip because its something BIG :D hyped ! omg I LOVE YOU DAD 
Its pretty predictable that everybody would dye their hair or style it right after they finish senior high,
and come on, I'm a typical girl who lovesss dolling up,
how can I not change my hair colour right? HAHA
so this is gonna be a short post about my new hair colour !
I actually requested ash brown with lilac highlights,
but it involves bleaching, and bleaching would take away all my hair's nutrients,
causing it to break off easily & have many many split ends, hence, unless you're sponsored, or very super rich, like blogger Xiaxue, Cheesie, Qiuqiu, or Chuckei, you're hair will look like hay.

Plus, bleached hair colours fades super easily,
So my hairstylist suggested to help me choose a sweet colour that I'll love, WITHOUT bleaching ;)
he chose a sweet pink brown, with red-pink highlights !
the outcome was superrrr unexpected !!!
the verdict is, I LOVE IT !!!
they even temporary curl my hair, but it was gone at night haha ;D
They even did treatment for me that made my hair looks superrrrrr healthy & smooth !!
here's a really blur picture of my curly hair~ haha
i phone front camera sucks !!!
the colour doesn't show much in this room, coz its kinda dark.

He says I'm prettyyyy ❤.❤ 

tadaaa pictures below are taken in my room~
and this is how I usually take pictures :D
tripod stand !

Close up! 

Smile to Strawberry sweet cake hair !!!
see how smooth it is !

Pattern *peace* 

Look at the pink highlights !!!!!! 

Special thanks to ~

so what do you think of my new hair? :D
you can leave me a comment down below,
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have a nice day everyone ! 
Bye ❤


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