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Monday, December 17, 2012

So I've been lost for a few days again, mainly is because I was preparing for my online boutique's launching ;)
Yes, me, I own a online boutique now together with Jeanteen.
So please do check out and like our facebook page Uh-Oh Closet 
most of our stocks are chosen by me so I definitely make sure that materials are all in good quality ~
not gonna elaborate much now :)
so here are some of the current stocks and a print screen pic of our page~

Silky black studded skirt. 

Studded black outter

Available in white too

Wings big round tee

 Available in green too

Long transparent top

Studded collar top

Photos are all taken at Kim's new house and also taken by her as my boyf ain't free to help me shoot.
her photos are amazing aswell, you guys can go check out her blog by clicking on her name that I had linked.

We've only been launched for a day and we had sold a few pieces of items out :D
and to the customers that had supported US,
you have no idea how much this means to both me & Jeanteen !!
we promise to bring in more pretty clothings and accessories for you guys ! 
so stay tuned girls ! :D

not to mention, 
we're also selected as Vogue Clinic's featured online boutique ! 
how awesome is that? ? :D
do support Vogue clinic too !!
what is Vogue Clinic ? 
It was named FOTD, if you remembered, I actually posted a post about it weeks ago.
you can click here to view that post.
So again, Vogue Clinic is basically a page where they share about fashion and there will be a few famous bloggers featured as their fashionista's too !  
Their fashionista's included, Povy, Missyanda, Ashley Lau, & not forgetting, your's sincerely, ME. :D
So if you're a fashion lover, you could not missed out LIKING their page ;) 

Thank you once again for making Uh-Oh-Closet as featured online boutique 

Once again, thank you all so much for the support,
I really am very touched~
For opening my very first online store with my bestie I really am afraid of those
"What if people don't buy?"
"What if people thinks that I model like a horse?"
"What if ......."
but thanks to all your love and support, I finally overcome the fear~
and definitely thanks to my boyf for fetching me everywhere, give suggestions and will be helping me with shootings and my mom & dad to support me on the $$, also to my partner Jean, who always check out on the mails because my line is that bad. hahaha :D
So yeaaaah ! that is the little surprise I had prepared for you readers long gone,
remember to LIKE my online boutique store and also follow us on instagram @uh_oh_closet
for the latest updates~
for more info's about our store, you can send me or Jeanteen facebook messages at Jxhia Wong or Jean Teen :)

Goodnight guys ! 

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