CNY preparations .

Monday, January 21, 2013

CNY is near~
but I don't seem to get very excited as I'm flying off to China, Beijing again  to accompany my dad for new years.
I don't even see the point of getting new cloths now that I'm gonna be wearing winter clothings for CNY.
but yet, I'm still using this as an excuse for me to buy pretty clothings :P
I'm pretty pleased with what I got for new years this year~
just that I am still in the need of a new bag and shoe and my collection will be complete !
I really hate leaving Malaysia, I mean as much as I love traveling, I don't like being apart with my home.
I'm the kind of person that eventually misses home easily,
maybe I'm just 18 thats why...haha
but come' on its a good thing right ? at least I don't go out and never come back :P
So I had my New year nails ready, as I'm flying off this Friday already,
I painted them in the new Mariah Carey series of O.P.I that my girls Lara & Melia gave me for my birthday~
and I super love it !
it has 4 colours in it, and they're all baby O.P.I's with blue, purple, red and dark purple.
its special because the texture turns matte right after painting it !!!

And not to mention I've been eating like a cow recently,
look at my fabulous dinner last night !
well...travelling would be a good idea in this case~
I'm afraid I wouldn't be in the size that I desire during CNY and it would be sad to be seen in Penang..haha!

Love my hair colour, the more I wash it, the brighter the pink red colour!
how amazinggg~
Gonna be trimming my hair this thursday, and hopefully, I'll get my hair permed and fixed a perfect shape after I'm back in penang ;)

will blog soon again readers !


Another day, another ordinary post.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Okay..just a quick updates you guys.
I had been at home almost every day and if the boyfie is free after class he will come over to accompany me~
So yesterday he came over and decided to cook breakfast for me as I never have proper breakfast in my whole entire life.
Because I always wake up at noon. Pfft.
So he came over and started cooking like a pro~
At first I really bought it that he's good at it but after awhile things started to go wrong so I asked: " Hey, have you ever cooked before?"
Him:" Nope."
Me: " Not Even once? "
Him: " Nope. "
Oh shit...there goes my breakfast :D
But I'm super touched that he made an effort to come all the way just to make me Happy ♡

Than late night we went over to Ah Mo to have dinner. 
I've never tried that place before as it was my first time there ~ 
But I love the environment, 
The service is definitely good~ although we complain and ask for Alot But the lady is still patient~ 

Food of the night~ 
Teriyaki chicken 

And than we went over to gurney GSC and watched the movie "The Impossible " 
Freaky But touching...because I Don't fancy natural disaster movies, and this is 1 of those movies. But definitely worth the watch as it is based on true story. 

And I finally got my hands on the floral head bands that a friend is currently selling~
If you subscribed my Facebook or followed my twitter & instagram, you would know that I'm flooding my page with the floral headband pic and I am in love with it! Got 1 for my bestie too! 

And I'm warning you. 
Here comes the pictures :p 

Below is my favourite pic! So dreamyyyyy ♥♥♥

Wanna get 1 of these awesome head band?
Go Facebook and contact Loh Sher Lyn now!
There are many more other colours :)

That's all for today~
It's 0230 am now and I'm having insomnia.
Damn it.
Goodnight lovely readers!


Inspirations .

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Days ago before my birthday I was pretty busy with the celebrations and all~
so I didn't exactly check my mails or the wall posts but I read all of them now and I am really very touched !
I never thought that I will receive this much sweet messages from all of you
and you guys wouldn't know how much I appreciate this ~
anyhow, I received a few messages as well,
but one of it was from this someone, that actually asked me how did I "allow" people to subscribe me on Facebook and get people to follow my blog and all~
you know this is really funnnnyyy,
and its not the first time me receiving funny messages like that,
I'm not trying to criticize or anything but I'm just gonna clear things here.
1st things 1st, I don't think my blog is that "BIG" or followed by many people so why don't you ask people like Naomi or Chuckei ?
even if you idolize someone, you don't go ask them how they make themselves "a thing" u get what I mean?
and 2nd thing is, I didn't accept any other strangers from fb thats why my friend requests are flooded so my fb page is allowed to be subscribe.
simple as that, I don't go around the world asking people to follow me on my blog,
I don't ask people as well~
so as a treat, I'm gonna talk about how and what got me to start blogging today.

So a few years ago I started to love reading fashion blogs,
and that's where I found my inspiration to start my lifestyle blog.
so I idolize a few famous bloggers but before Xiaxue, Chuckei & QiuQiu,
I idolize Agri Velt .
Agri is a fashion blogger, she also sells clothings on her blog ~
I just loveeeeee her style and she is so pretty !!
maybe some of you will disagree with my type of "pretty" like calling them plastic and manly and all..
bla bla bla...
but I like her and she is my inspiration to start what I'm doing now, and that's what matters .
I don't need any of your permission to think anybody's pretty :P
hahaha~ coz most of you critic on my opinion on my friends that I call pretty..but whatever~
she joined The Apartment Style Edition in the group " Black & Blonde "
and I just realized that like 30 mins ago haha :D

look how pretty she is !!

and than I found out about Xiaxue and QiuQiu and other famous Malaysia's bloggers like Chuckei, Povy etc
so I am really inspired by these beautiful people~
And not to mention I am thrilled and even more motivated after meeting them in person~

goshhhhh they're so pretty I should be in a hole .
they can look good in ANY pic taken and its like a blogger thing I guess ?
because they might meet a reader anywhere asking for a picture and they'll have to look good right ? 
so ya, I think famous bloggers do practices on how to take good pics haha 

so yeahhh..
inspiration is the thing, 
after getting your inspiration, you'll eventually get motivation to work harder~
and by working harder, you'll succeed .
not saying I had succeeded but I am already happy with what I am and what I am doing now, 
hehe so yeahh :) 

anywayss, have you guys check out Uh-Oh's new stock ??
bunnies & owls !! 
how cuteeeeeeeee :D

do check them out because they are at a really reasonable price and 100% cotton, also custom designed ! 
to those who supported, thank youu so much !!
I haven't been bringing in alot of stock yet because I'm getting ready to China, 
after that I will bring in moreee! :)

alrightt thats it for todayyy

Its an "Annual" thing .

Sunday, January 13, 2013

So what's an annual thing I was saying ?
To many of us, birthday is just another year, just a date to remind us that we're getting older.
or put it another way, just to remind us to cherish our mother's hard work and the life she had gave us as it was her  " 母難日"
every year had been the same to me, I'll eventually get dumped, and you know,
Lara & Melia has to do the magic to cheer me up and we take silly pictures....etc etc.
this year is so much different from what I had done "ANNUALLY" .
My birthdate is actually next to 1 of my close friends, yingching as her's is on the 11th & mine is 12th.
so we planned to celebrate it together with a few of our good friends from school,
I invited a few but they we're busy and what not shit, so I invited my ex school mates instead,
and I had sooooooo much fun ~
not to say fun actually, more like reunited with the old friends kind of feeling felt really good.
and not to mention, I was safely passed, as in the boyfriend accompanied me there as well. and he was helping me to take pictures so he wasn't in most of them haha.
we celebrated in Victoria Rossa, super pretty place, not as fancy as fine dining though,
but its a place who girls like ME would like.

even the food looks pretty ! 

Helloooo~ ignore fat arms ! 

 such a comfy place to chill !

making a wish ~~

Me blowing the cake ! 

both birthday girls ~
we're now 18 LEGAL ! :D

cutting the cake :))

Candid ~ :)))

My sister from another mother ~
was so glad that she could make it

Ex school mates aka my dance buddies !
both of them so prettyyyyy~
can't wait to dance with them again ;)

Bestf ! Von yeohhh~

Group of the night :)

right after dinner, girls wanna have some fun so we planned a second round and headed over to Nueve (whatever how this is pronounce as)
we had fun playing games, chilling and most of all, taking pictures~
me, being a good girl as always :P didn't drink much thats why I didn't turn red ~

birthday girlssss~

so there goes for my first celebration, and on friday, 
Gini, Lara, Melia & I went to dinner and had a good chat in winter warmers~
I miss those girlssss~
seriously, old friends reunited feels darn good. 

and the next day, I was told that boyfie couldn't accompany me because he gotta go back to college to finish his works, but what I didn't know was he planned something with Lara & Gini to surprise me without me knowing. 

we had dinner in Lunarich and he planned soooo many surprises for me that I don't even feel like the saddest girl anymore, I felt like a princess out of a sudden~

thanks to the wonderful bariesta Capri ;)

this was on the house because it was my birthdayyyy :D
thankyouuuu boyfieee, Capri & Lunarich !!!!
choco lava cake and ice cream 

and after dinner, we were planning to just go home and I didn't expect anything anymore,
but boyfie asked me to help him open his boot,
so I just opened it, and wtfffffff.
pink and white balloons popped out !! and there was my present, a coke and a ugly card he made me :P
I didn't thought of taking pics when the balloons was in car because I was too happy~
so I left them in my room :D
seeeee~ there was suppose to be 6 of them but me and the boyfie ate 3 of them.
no joke, we ate them hahahahah~
we sucked in the helium gas in the balloon and our voice turned super high pitch ! :D
so soooooo funny ~

thankyouuu everybody, 
especially my boyfieeee & good friends !
I had wonderful time and all of these are gonna be unforgettable 


Didn't bothered to think a title for this .

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hellooooooo I haven't been blogging for so long my god.
anyways this is going to be a mashed up updates, AGAIN.
I know...I'm lazy...but HEY, these are really nothing much to talk about,
not much pics~ so might aswell mash them up to become ONE big thing eh ? hahaha

okayy, we'll start with new year's eve,
Had a wonderful dinner in Lunarich with the boyf,
went to the movies with boyf and watched upside down.
damnnnn its so interesting ! the producer must be sick in the head :D
than we went over to the new club in Precinct 10 - Cuvee for countdown and boyf's friend's birthday celebration.
it was sooo crowded in there ! thank god there was already a ready table for us~
met up with his friends and bumped into a whole lot of my friends~ and thank god Vernice & ZiQian was there ! 

Met a new pretty friend Iver ! She is wallace's friend's girlfriend !
such a gorgeous girllll !!

Beloved Tze Qian & Vernice 

My outfit for the night ~
my style hahah ! loose and unsexy .

And next, I followed boyf and his Leo friends to Escape ~
at first I didn't know how it would be like,
I thought its just like normal lame park that we walk around~
but no !!
it reminded me so much of mr.Raymond where back than,
me, Lara, & Wenling were trained to be girl guides and we learned how to tie all those ropes and what not shit.
this really really brings back alot of good memory and I had sooooo much fun !
People might not think I would like this kind of theme parks because I'm all princessy and pink and stuff.
But hey ! I'm adventurous & fun too :P
Looking forward to going there again with my girls !
Anyone wanna join in? :D

Last but not list, 
Uh-Oh had released their new Lady Toki Collection !!
All 100% cotton, custom designed and limited pieces of handmades !!
grab now before its out of stocks ladies ! 

thats all for now ;)
see you guys soon ! 

New Year resolutions.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So have you heard ?
Its a brand new year again.
we overcome the whole "end of the world problem"
now we're gonna face more new challenges in life ey ?
especially people like me....or maybe I meant to say,
people same age as me.
For 11 years I've been in primary school, and secondary school,
wearing blue uniforms, everything in order.
I've never really been out of this boundary yet.
Till now, its still abit hard to believe that I'm finally gonna turn 18 in 11 days,
gonna handle my own online shop on my own,
gonna drive my new car out on my own. [ currently car hasn't arrived so..ya ]
gonna handle every single bit of stuff on my own from scratch.
maybe my life ain't so bad since I'm still gonna study here in Penang, my very own hometown because I'm familiar with most of the places.
its still gonna be hard for me to learn how to really grow up .
For most of you, I'm pretty sure you think that I'm already ready to grow up,
ready to socialize with the outside world,
but hey, I'm still abit scared to be quite honest.
as much as I hope to leave school, I also don't wish to grow up that fast.
so my topic,
new year, new resolutions.

lets see what I've done last year,
LOL don't laugh ar, I know I done not much. hahahaha

#1. Best dance for mbs camp

#2. Chung Ling Camp Overall Champion,
Best dance~ only writing out the ones I'm involved :P

 #3. Kpop contest- 1st runner up

#4. Digi talent search-Champion 

#5. finally dare to upload ONE singing video

#6. Went to thailand

#7. Experience what a real party would be like as me being a little girl 

#8. Graduated. 

#9. First trip out of penang with boyf

#10. Very own online boutique 

so ya. thats pretty much it, LOL
see I told you, NOT MUCH.
cannot blame me mar right? I was still schooling, not much for me to do~

So this year's resolutions are :

1. Get into college. [ like duh ]
2. work my ass off for my online store .
3. always keep my blog updated ;)
4. not to be as lazy as how I was in high school .
5. save money for OUR next getaway . [ you know who you are <3 ]
6. be more responsible in EVERYTHING since I have problems with this for 17 years.
7. gym every weekend . [ nyehahaha. we'll see how this 1 work out ]
8. sleep at 10 every night [ we'll see about this 1 too :D ]
9. don't spoil my phone AGAIN .
10. Cut off my swearing habit . [ learn to be "atas" abit ]
11. Learn how to dress up abit.
12. Improve horrible skin conditions.
13. be nicer than how I usually was :P

okay lah...we see how all these resolutions work out okay ?
will cross out the things I've done above next year and set new ones again next year :D
this is the first time for me to set up new year resolutions as I was always LAZY.
oohh !

hope ya'll have a great year,
forget about the suay things that had happened,
and start a brand new awesome life NOW !
will blog soon, and hope to hear from you guys ❤ 
anything, you can leave a comment down below, 
or tweet me @jxhia and also don't forget to follow me on instagram and nuffnangX @jxhia