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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Okay..just a quick updates you guys.
I had been at home almost every day and if the boyfie is free after class he will come over to accompany me~
So yesterday he came over and decided to cook breakfast for me as I never have proper breakfast in my whole entire life.
Because I always wake up at noon. Pfft.
So he came over and started cooking like a pro~
At first I really bought it that he's good at it but after awhile things started to go wrong so I asked: " Hey, have you ever cooked before?"
Him:" Nope."
Me: " Not Even once? "
Him: " Nope. "
Oh shit...there goes my breakfast :D
But I'm super touched that he made an effort to come all the way just to make me Happy ♡

Than late night we went over to Ah Mo to have dinner. 
I've never tried that place before as it was my first time there ~ 
But I love the environment, 
The service is definitely good~ although we complain and ask for Alot But the lady is still patient~ 

Food of the night~ 
Teriyaki chicken 

And than we went over to gurney GSC and watched the movie "The Impossible " 
Freaky But touching...because I Don't fancy natural disaster movies, and this is 1 of those movies. But definitely worth the watch as it is based on true story. 

And I finally got my hands on the floral head bands that a friend is currently selling~
If you subscribed my Facebook or followed my twitter & instagram, you would know that I'm flooding my page with the floral headband pic and I am in love with it! Got 1 for my bestie too! 

And I'm warning you. 
Here comes the pictures :p 

Below is my favourite pic! So dreamyyyyy ♥♥♥

Wanna get 1 of these awesome head band?
Go Facebook and contact Loh Sher Lyn now!
There are many more other colours :)

That's all for today~
It's 0230 am now and I'm having insomnia.
Damn it.
Goodnight lovely readers!


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