CNY preparations .

Monday, January 21, 2013

CNY is near~
but I don't seem to get very excited as I'm flying off to China, Beijing again  to accompany my dad for new years.
I don't even see the point of getting new cloths now that I'm gonna be wearing winter clothings for CNY.
but yet, I'm still using this as an excuse for me to buy pretty clothings :P
I'm pretty pleased with what I got for new years this year~
just that I am still in the need of a new bag and shoe and my collection will be complete !
I really hate leaving Malaysia, I mean as much as I love traveling, I don't like being apart with my home.
I'm the kind of person that eventually misses home easily,
maybe I'm just 18 thats why...haha
but come' on its a good thing right ? at least I don't go out and never come back :P
So I had my New year nails ready, as I'm flying off this Friday already,
I painted them in the new Mariah Carey series of O.P.I that my girls Lara & Melia gave me for my birthday~
and I super love it !
it has 4 colours in it, and they're all baby O.P.I's with blue, purple, red and dark purple.
its special because the texture turns matte right after painting it !!!

And not to mention I've been eating like a cow recently,
look at my fabulous dinner last night !
well...travelling would be a good idea in this case~
I'm afraid I wouldn't be in the size that I desire during CNY and it would be sad to be seen in Penang..haha!

Love my hair colour, the more I wash it, the brighter the pink red colour!
how amazinggg~
Gonna be trimming my hair this thursday, and hopefully, I'll get my hair permed and fixed a perfect shape after I'm back in penang ;)

will blog soon again readers !


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