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Monday, January 7, 2013

Hellooooooo I haven't been blogging for so long my god.
anyways this is going to be a mashed up updates, AGAIN.
I know...I'm lazy...but HEY, these are really nothing much to talk about,
not much pics~ so might aswell mash them up to become ONE big thing eh ? hahaha

okayy, we'll start with new year's eve,
Had a wonderful dinner in Lunarich with the boyf,
went to the movies with boyf and watched upside down.
damnnnn its so interesting ! the producer must be sick in the head :D
than we went over to the new club in Precinct 10 - Cuvee for countdown and boyf's friend's birthday celebration.
it was sooo crowded in there ! thank god there was already a ready table for us~
met up with his friends and bumped into a whole lot of my friends~ and thank god Vernice & ZiQian was there ! 

Met a new pretty friend Iver ! She is wallace's friend's girlfriend !
such a gorgeous girllll !!

Beloved Tze Qian & Vernice 

My outfit for the night ~
my style hahah ! loose and unsexy .

And next, I followed boyf and his Leo friends to Escape ~
at first I didn't know how it would be like,
I thought its just like normal lame park that we walk around~
but no !!
it reminded me so much of mr.Raymond where back than,
me, Lara, & Wenling were trained to be girl guides and we learned how to tie all those ropes and what not shit.
this really really brings back alot of good memory and I had sooooo much fun !
People might not think I would like this kind of theme parks because I'm all princessy and pink and stuff.
But hey ! I'm adventurous & fun too :P
Looking forward to going there again with my girls !
Anyone wanna join in? :D

Last but not list, 
Uh-Oh had released their new Lady Toki Collection !!
All 100% cotton, custom designed and limited pieces of handmades !!
grab now before its out of stocks ladies ! 

thats all for now ;)
see you guys soon ! 

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