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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Days ago before my birthday I was pretty busy with the celebrations and all~
so I didn't exactly check my mails or the wall posts but I read all of them now and I am really very touched !
I never thought that I will receive this much sweet messages from all of you
and you guys wouldn't know how much I appreciate this ~
anyhow, I received a few messages as well,
but one of it was from this someone, that actually asked me how did I "allow" people to subscribe me on Facebook and get people to follow my blog and all~
you know this is really funnnnyyy,
and its not the first time me receiving funny messages like that,
I'm not trying to criticize or anything but I'm just gonna clear things here.
1st things 1st, I don't think my blog is that "BIG" or followed by many people so why don't you ask people like Naomi or Chuckei ?
even if you idolize someone, you don't go ask them how they make themselves "a thing" u get what I mean?
and 2nd thing is, I didn't accept any other strangers from fb thats why my friend requests are flooded so my fb page is allowed to be subscribe.
simple as that, I don't go around the world asking people to follow me on my blog,
I don't ask people as well~
so as a treat, I'm gonna talk about how and what got me to start blogging today.

So a few years ago I started to love reading fashion blogs,
and that's where I found my inspiration to start my lifestyle blog.
so I idolize a few famous bloggers but before Xiaxue, Chuckei & QiuQiu,
I idolize Agri Velt .
Agri is a fashion blogger, she also sells clothings on her blog ~
I just loveeeeee her style and she is so pretty !!
maybe some of you will disagree with my type of "pretty" like calling them plastic and manly and all..
bla bla bla...
but I like her and she is my inspiration to start what I'm doing now, and that's what matters .
I don't need any of your permission to think anybody's pretty :P
hahaha~ coz most of you critic on my opinion on my friends that I call pretty..but whatever~
she joined The Apartment Style Edition in the group " Black & Blonde "
and I just realized that like 30 mins ago haha :D

look how pretty she is !!

and than I found out about Xiaxue and QiuQiu and other famous Malaysia's bloggers like Chuckei, Povy etc
so I am really inspired by these beautiful people~
And not to mention I am thrilled and even more motivated after meeting them in person~

goshhhhh they're so pretty I should be in a hole .
they can look good in ANY pic taken and its like a blogger thing I guess ?
because they might meet a reader anywhere asking for a picture and they'll have to look good right ? 
so ya, I think famous bloggers do practices on how to take good pics haha 

so yeahhh..
inspiration is the thing, 
after getting your inspiration, you'll eventually get motivation to work harder~
and by working harder, you'll succeed .
not saying I had succeeded but I am already happy with what I am and what I am doing now, 
hehe so yeahh :) 

anywayss, have you guys check out Uh-Oh's new stock ??
bunnies & owls !! 
how cuteeeeeeeee :D

do check them out because they are at a really reasonable price and 100% cotton, also custom designed ! 
to those who supported, thank youu so much !!
I haven't been bringing in alot of stock yet because I'm getting ready to China, 
after that I will bring in moreee! :)

alrightt thats it for todayyy

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