Its an "Annual" thing .

Sunday, January 13, 2013

So what's an annual thing I was saying ?
To many of us, birthday is just another year, just a date to remind us that we're getting older.
or put it another way, just to remind us to cherish our mother's hard work and the life she had gave us as it was her  " 母難日"
every year had been the same to me, I'll eventually get dumped, and you know,
Lara & Melia has to do the magic to cheer me up and we take silly pictures....etc etc.
this year is so much different from what I had done "ANNUALLY" .
My birthdate is actually next to 1 of my close friends, yingching as her's is on the 11th & mine is 12th.
so we planned to celebrate it together with a few of our good friends from school,
I invited a few but they we're busy and what not shit, so I invited my ex school mates instead,
and I had sooooooo much fun ~
not to say fun actually, more like reunited with the old friends kind of feeling felt really good.
and not to mention, I was safely passed, as in the boyfriend accompanied me there as well. and he was helping me to take pictures so he wasn't in most of them haha.
we celebrated in Victoria Rossa, super pretty place, not as fancy as fine dining though,
but its a place who girls like ME would like.

even the food looks pretty ! 

Helloooo~ ignore fat arms ! 

 such a comfy place to chill !

making a wish ~~

Me blowing the cake ! 

both birthday girls ~
we're now 18 LEGAL ! :D

cutting the cake :))

Candid ~ :)))

My sister from another mother ~
was so glad that she could make it

Ex school mates aka my dance buddies !
both of them so prettyyyyy~
can't wait to dance with them again ;)

Bestf ! Von yeohhh~

Group of the night :)

right after dinner, girls wanna have some fun so we planned a second round and headed over to Nueve (whatever how this is pronounce as)
we had fun playing games, chilling and most of all, taking pictures~
me, being a good girl as always :P didn't drink much thats why I didn't turn red ~

birthday girlssss~

so there goes for my first celebration, and on friday, 
Gini, Lara, Melia & I went to dinner and had a good chat in winter warmers~
I miss those girlssss~
seriously, old friends reunited feels darn good. 

and the next day, I was told that boyfie couldn't accompany me because he gotta go back to college to finish his works, but what I didn't know was he planned something with Lara & Gini to surprise me without me knowing. 

we had dinner in Lunarich and he planned soooo many surprises for me that I don't even feel like the saddest girl anymore, I felt like a princess out of a sudden~

thanks to the wonderful bariesta Capri ;)

this was on the house because it was my birthdayyyy :D
thankyouuuu boyfieee, Capri & Lunarich !!!!
choco lava cake and ice cream 

and after dinner, we were planning to just go home and I didn't expect anything anymore,
but boyfie asked me to help him open his boot,
so I just opened it, and wtfffffff.
pink and white balloons popped out !! and there was my present, a coke and a ugly card he made me :P
I didn't thought of taking pics when the balloons was in car because I was too happy~
so I left them in my room :D
seeeee~ there was suppose to be 6 of them but me and the boyfie ate 3 of them.
no joke, we ate them hahahahah~
we sucked in the helium gas in the balloon and our voice turned super high pitch ! :D
so soooooo funny ~

thankyouuu everybody, 
especially my boyfieeee & good friends !
I had wonderful time and all of these are gonna be unforgettable 


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