New Year resolutions.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So have you heard ?
Its a brand new year again.
we overcome the whole "end of the world problem"
now we're gonna face more new challenges in life ey ?
especially people like me....or maybe I meant to say,
people same age as me.
For 11 years I've been in primary school, and secondary school,
wearing blue uniforms, everything in order.
I've never really been out of this boundary yet.
Till now, its still abit hard to believe that I'm finally gonna turn 18 in 11 days,
gonna handle my own online shop on my own,
gonna drive my new car out on my own. [ currently car hasn't arrived so..ya ]
gonna handle every single bit of stuff on my own from scratch.
maybe my life ain't so bad since I'm still gonna study here in Penang, my very own hometown because I'm familiar with most of the places.
its still gonna be hard for me to learn how to really grow up .
For most of you, I'm pretty sure you think that I'm already ready to grow up,
ready to socialize with the outside world,
but hey, I'm still abit scared to be quite honest.
as much as I hope to leave school, I also don't wish to grow up that fast.
so my topic,
new year, new resolutions.

lets see what I've done last year,
LOL don't laugh ar, I know I done not much. hahahaha

#1. Best dance for mbs camp

#2. Chung Ling Camp Overall Champion,
Best dance~ only writing out the ones I'm involved :P

 #3. Kpop contest- 1st runner up

#4. Digi talent search-Champion 

#5. finally dare to upload ONE singing video

#6. Went to thailand

#7. Experience what a real party would be like as me being a little girl 

#8. Graduated. 

#9. First trip out of penang with boyf

#10. Very own online boutique 

so ya. thats pretty much it, LOL
see I told you, NOT MUCH.
cannot blame me mar right? I was still schooling, not much for me to do~

So this year's resolutions are :

1. Get into college. [ like duh ]
2. work my ass off for my online store .
3. always keep my blog updated ;)
4. not to be as lazy as how I was in high school .
5. save money for OUR next getaway . [ you know who you are <3 ]
6. be more responsible in EVERYTHING since I have problems with this for 17 years.
7. gym every weekend . [ nyehahaha. we'll see how this 1 work out ]
8. sleep at 10 every night [ we'll see about this 1 too :D ]
9. don't spoil my phone AGAIN .
10. Cut off my swearing habit . [ learn to be "atas" abit ]
11. Learn how to dress up abit.
12. Improve horrible skin conditions.
13. be nicer than how I usually was :P

okay lah...we see how all these resolutions work out okay ?
will cross out the things I've done above next year and set new ones again next year :D
this is the first time for me to set up new year resolutions as I was always LAZY.
oohh !

hope ya'll have a great year,
forget about the suay things that had happened,
and start a brand new awesome life NOW !
will blog soon, and hope to hear from you guys ❤ 
anything, you can leave a comment down below, 
or tweet me @jxhia and also don't forget to follow me on instagram and nuffnangX @jxhia


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