Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sponsored post. 

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Jonquilkiss is online boutique that had started in the year 2011. The founder of this online shop is Kimmie Goh, Amber Goh & their beloved mother, 3 of them run the online shop. The reason why they started this online shop is  simply because how much they love fashion and would love to share it with the people around them. Bringing in varieties of clothes from casual to party dresses. 

They hand picked all the clothes and styled it up as how they would personally wear the clothes, to give their customers ideas on how to wear the clothes they have purchase. 

As it is a family business, they do all the styling, photographs, modeling, and editing themselves. 

They live by the motto, you are what you wear. 

For the first time ever, I had got sponsored clothings by them and I am superrrrrr HAPPY with the quality as well as the cuttings ! 
I had never received such good quality clothings from online boutiques to be honest, because the materials are mostly thin and quite see through which isn't to my liking~
but the materials from Jonquilkiss are definitely different ! 
Even if its thin and quite see through, they also provide us another layer of patty-coat to prevent it from being too translosen ~

Alright! pictures time !!
Clothings are all sponsored by Jonquilkiss 

B&W Peplum Top with pearls from Jonquilkiss. 
tight skirt from H&M 

Light Green dinner dress from Jonquilkiss. 

Remember this maxi?? haha

I wore it to Shilyne's birthday dinner last week also featured in last blog post ! :)

So proud to say that none of the photos are photoshoped above :P
diet plan worked a lil bit hahaha ! 

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Baby Sis Birthday ♥

Monday, February 25, 2013

Its been a year already ! Last year we celebrated Shilyne's birthday in Ferringhi Garden and this year she decided to celebrate in Edo Ichi ! 
whoooo~ time flies huh?
I'm so glad to be 1 of her closest friends right now,
she is such a sweet heart!
there was once when I had a really bad time...
and she was there for me all the time ...
Even though she is 2 years younger than me, and I hardly hang out with younger friends that much I guess ?
But she is soooo much different from other 16 year old girls~
her thinking and her style is much much more mature than all the other 16year old girls and from that we have  much more things in common~
even some of my friends with the same age as me isn't as mature as her...LOL
I trust her with NO DOUBTS at all !
She really is a wonderful person inside, and out~
Yong ern is super lucky to have her :)

Dress from Jonquilkiss which also is my current clothing sponsor!
Check out their new collection now !

Babes of the nighttt~
From left to right,
Rachel, Lydia, Mindee, Shilyne (aka Birthday Girl), Cheryl, ME .

Happy Birthday baby sis !!!
really hope you liked the present I gave you :)
its been a few years already and I promise we're still counting !
Love you max !

Long time no see pretty babe Mindee :)

Long time no seeeee Cheryl !
Still so hot !

Always doing what us girls are best at~

Once again...Happy birthday BABE !!!! 

I didn't get to join them for the after party as I have rehearsal for couple in action and the actual competition is the next day~ boohoo~
but no worries, I'll make it up to you soon Lyne !
Stay tuned for my upcoming posts about my recent sponsorship & Couple in Action 2013 !

all the photos above are from Shilyne's blog :) 
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China Trip Haul ♥

Friday, February 15, 2013

Hellooo !
I'm back here again blogging about my China Trip Haul :)
for most of you, once you hear the word "China" , you might think of cheap stuff that are "MADE IN CHINA" but hell no I'm buying those things hahah !
I went to the capital city there which is Beijing, its almost like KL but bigger.
the city is filled with malls, and I mean HUGE malls !
you can't exactly see any "non-branded" shops in it I mean its the city right?
there's no way that they could put in any cheapskate shops in any of the malls since almost all the malls are high-end~
But I'm pretty glad they have the middle end brands like H&M, Forever 21 etc etc..
so for this time, I bought not much unlike bangkok~ haha

So I'll categories all the things that I had bought in shops first so its easier for photography aswell~
mostly clothings lar I would say.
first off, me and my mom took the subway to "wang fu jing" its like a big street without allowing any vehicles to enter, its something like bintang walk but much much bigger~
and we were shopping in this mall, we found forever 21 there so we got a few things.
Light coloured denim jacket
Hot peach coloured peplum skirt
White & gold heart shaped bracelet 

from the same mall, I was thrilled to see Birkenstock !
so I got a pair of them there since Penang's Birkenstock NEVER have neither the design I like nor my size.
but abit more exensive lor...wth.
its 599RMB which is approximately our 300MYR. -.-
here only 260++ leh..nvm lar~ haha

and from the same street, "wang fu jing" but different mall,
we bought 2 clothings from Vero Moda~
damnnn...their clothings all damn nice BUT quite pricey, so we only got 2.

Green sequined colar long sleeves
lace colar long sleeves

I bought it for the sake of the colar.
From the same mall,
We spotted Juicy Couture on sale !
Hot Pink Tracksuit
Light pink rose gold watch

Than in Raffles Mall,
shopped in H&M~ and bought some basics.
Light mint green cardigan
Light mint green singlet top
Black singlet dress

also from H&M
pastel peplum chiffon top 
pastel plastic small pouch
pastel unicorn chiffon top

from Victoria Secrets
Body mist-Love is heavenly
Cheetah purse
PINK tee's

And than we went to this random underground mall with cheaper stuff~
Denim floral shorts
Pink Aztec shorts
Suede skirt

I am LOVINGGGG this shorts !! ♥

there are still afew clothings but I kinda wore them already and they are currently in the washing machine getting a bath.
so I didn't exactly snap shots of them coz I totally forgotten ><
so anyways, its still counted as Chinese New Year now although many people had started working already,
But its better late than never, so...
haha :D
hope everyone of you will have a good 2013 year ♥
signing off !
goodnight readers ;)

midnight zombie blogger 

China Trip NO.2

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So if you had already read this blog post,
or read my facebook replies, 
or twitter updates..
you would know that I'm finally back from Beijing ! 

yes I know I'm the shittiest blogger at the moment in the list of the bloggers you readers had followed, 
because of my lack of updates, 
and this time even worse, I left my blog empty for approximately 3 effing weeks O.O

it ain't completely my fault because China is really protective about their people somehow since they have the largest amount of population so far, 
so to prevent racism or unwanted conflicts, 
they blocked most of the social sites from other countries~
the only few websites that are available are mostly created by China themselves~
I couldn't use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and even Blogger. 
But I still receive notifications from my phone from all these websites whenever somebody updates me, 
just that I couldn't view it~

I promised you guys on insta that I will update once I'm back and I'm doing it now, 
I'm also arranging my haul post, sponsorship post, & new batch about my online boutique [ UH-OH ] ;)

Back to my main topic, 
I'm not that patient when it comes to uploading pictures from camera because the size of the pictures are mostly much more bigger than phone taken pics, 
so the uploading time takes longer, 
soooo....if my internet speed isn't too slow today, 
you guys are lucky to see more photos from the trip, 
but if it fucks up.... you guys get the idea ;)

I'm just gonna make a short summary for the whole trip, 
This is actually my second time travelling in China as my dearest daddy is currently working there~
and both times that I've went there are winter times !
we stayed in the hotel daddy works in, which is Sheraton Beijing, 
it is 1 of the oldest 5 star hotels alive there~
Look at the snowwwww!
makes the wordings so Christmassy ;D

We are always very lucky, because we came to china during winter twice, and whenever we came,
it will snow there !
Super prettyyyyyy!

I'm a lioness ! :D hahaha
Me playing with the snowwww 

Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese :)

Floor white white :) 

Everybody ! 
Meet mama wong & papa wong ! 

So fat arrrrr when wearing the winter clothing ! 
photoshop oso won't help ! ><

we went shopping alot aswell, 
I will be doing a haul about it soon :) 
can't exactly say its a CNY haul cause I also did some new year shopping in KL with hubby~
When in Sanlitun mall ! 

Look ! the waterfall at the back freezed !! 

We went alot alot of shopping places but there's really no point writing and posting them here since I'll be writing them in another post~
we also went to this temple that the emperor in the olden days go for praying
and it has been said that there's this stage that's "feng shui" is nearest to heaven~
so we went to have a visit during Chor yat ;) 

the garden :)

the old dry river~ 
now filled with dry grass ><

loving the lighting ! :D

To be honest, what I do everyday in China for 3 long weeks, is, 
Wake up, shower, room service, watch taiwan drama online, nap, dinner, sleep at late night at least 3am. 
so I have pretty much nothing to post about,
but than of course, I don't only do this for 3 weeks lar,
Went out for a walk some day too hahaha I'm not that lazy ><

for the past trip blog post's link are all down here :

Stay tuned for my upcoming boutique new batch updates, haul, sponsorship post & a requested post ;)
nights guys