Baby Sis Birthday ♥

Monday, February 25, 2013

Its been a year already ! Last year we celebrated Shilyne's birthday in Ferringhi Garden and this year she decided to celebrate in Edo Ichi ! 
whoooo~ time flies huh?
I'm so glad to be 1 of her closest friends right now,
she is such a sweet heart!
there was once when I had a really bad time...
and she was there for me all the time ...
Even though she is 2 years younger than me, and I hardly hang out with younger friends that much I guess ?
But she is soooo much different from other 16 year old girls~
her thinking and her style is much much more mature than all the other 16year old girls and from that we have  much more things in common~
even some of my friends with the same age as me isn't as mature as her...LOL
I trust her with NO DOUBTS at all !
She really is a wonderful person inside, and out~
Yong ern is super lucky to have her :)

Dress from Jonquilkiss which also is my current clothing sponsor!
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Babes of the nighttt~
From left to right,
Rachel, Lydia, Mindee, Shilyne (aka Birthday Girl), Cheryl, ME .

Happy Birthday baby sis !!!
really hope you liked the present I gave you :)
its been a few years already and I promise we're still counting !
Love you max !

Long time no see pretty babe Mindee :)

Long time no seeeee Cheryl !
Still so hot !

Always doing what us girls are best at~

Once again...Happy birthday BABE !!!! 

I didn't get to join them for the after party as I have rehearsal for couple in action and the actual competition is the next day~ boohoo~
but no worries, I'll make it up to you soon Lyne !
Stay tuned for my upcoming posts about my recent sponsorship & Couple in Action 2013 !

all the photos above are from Shilyne's blog :) 
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